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June 27, 2022
| Maria Harutyunyan |
6 min read
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Looking for an outreach tool for your next campaign might be confusing and tiresome, as there are so many tools available. Most of them come with carefully crafted features and leave you with a difficult choice to make. 

In this article, you will find several outreach tools with a link to their full review page. These reviews will present to you the most important features for your campaigns, and some of them will even show you how to use the tool. Additionally, you will have links to their official articles that will give even more insights into the tool. 

Now let’s get started, shall we?


Mailshake is one of the lead contenders in our favorite outreach tools. With Mailshake, you can easily personalize emails and automate the sending process. If you are stuck on writing the email body, Mailshake will help you out with its large database of templates and resources.  

Following up on your sent email is also easy with this great tool. Gone are the days of using loads of platforms to send emails and keep track of them. With Mailshake, organizing campaigns is made easier by simple reports and lead management. 

If this sounds interesting, you can read the full review here.


If creating a new account on a separate platform doesn’t sound like something you wish to do, then Yesware is surely the outreach tool for you. Upon signing up, your Yesware dashboard will be integrated into and easily accessible from your Outlook or Gmail inbox. 

You will find all available templates in your dashboard to use right as you are writing an email. Along with these, you can also write up your own templates for repeated use. Can it get any better and faster? The team reporting feature will also help monitor general performance to better manage your campaigns. 

If you wish to read more about this tool, click here.

Ninja Outreach

It’s no surprise that Ninja Outreach is one of the popular outreach tools. With its range of versatile features, this is a tool for everyone! 

Ninja Outreach will not leave you stranded with just email templates. Their smart influencer search feature is going to help you find influential people across all social media platforms with similar target audiences. Ninja Outreach is also unique in that it will find bloggers outside of social media for you, along with their websites and contact details.  

Once you have your people, it’s time to start reaching out, and once again, you won’t even have to leave Ninja Outreach. Create custom templates, manage your contact book and campaign, and follow up on prospects all from one convenient platform!

If this sounds like something you want to try out, read more here.


Woodpecker is another one of the top outreach platforms out there, and it mainly features tools for email outreach. 

If you already have your database of contacts ready, Woodpecker is here to help you reach out while staying organized and up-to-date. Just connect your email and start organizing campaigns, writing customized emails, and keeping track of replies, all from one easy-to-navigate tool! 

You will also be able to select time zones and follow up conditions that change according to the received response or lack thereof. After you have started your campaign, you can filter your prospects into three “smiley face” categories that allow easy visualization of how successful your outreach is. 

If this has caught your eye, read more about this tool here.


Wish you could manage campaigns and monitor links from a simple and easy-to-use platform? Well then, this is where Pitchbox can step in to help. 

If you are dealing with many campaigns that are aimed at achieving different goals, Pitchbox will help you organize and customize these according to your various strategies. The outreach prospect search and email templates will also be modified according to these goals. 

As an added bonus, you can use the broken link discovery tool to find the damaged backlinks that lead to your website.

If you are having a hard time keeping track of multiple versatile campaigns and need an all-in-one platform, Pitchbox will be your lifeline! 

Check out more about this incredible tool here.


At first glance, it seems like Buzzstream is just another outreach tool. But is it really? 

The platform actually offers many more features than just cold email outreach. If you’re looking for an integrated tool that covers from prospecting to outreach to link monitoring, this might be it for you. 

Buzzstream includes three different tools in one payment plan. Those are: 

Discovery Tool: This one is for preliminary research. You can use it to find the names of your prospects. 

BuzzMarker Extension: You can use this one both to find the names and contact information of your prospects and then, with just one click, add them to different projects. The list will go straight to your Buzzstream outreach database.

Buzzstream Outreach: This last one you can use to reach out to your prospects and monitor the links you’ve already got. 

This was an extremely short version of a Buzzstream review. If you’d like to know more about the tool and how it works, check out our full Buzzstream review.


Sendinblue is the next contender on our list as it is one of our favorite all-in-one sales and marketing platforms. In fact, unlike the name, this tool definitely doesn’t make us feel blue. 


With its range of features for omnichannel marketing, you will be able to build and maintain relationships with all your prospects. The Drag & Drop Email Designer provides you with dynamic email and landing page templates that are sure to catch your prospects’ eye. 


Use Sendinblue to automate response emails and use the web, social media, and SMS to always be in touch with your clients. One of this tool's unique features is its smart algorithm that helps determine the most effective time for sending emails for every single contact. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 


But this is only a short summary of great features this tool offers, so check out our full review here for more details.


When it comes to email outreach marketing, you can’t go wrong with Klenty. 


Using sequences of steps or “cadences,” you will be able to set up automation of emails according to the actions your prospects take (opening emails, clicking links). At every step, you will be able to view your current progress, such as the number of opens and bounces, which will help you further improve your marketing strategy. 


One feature you definitely won’t find anywhere else is the ability to call your prospects. That’s right; you can schedule and make calls to discuss collaborations with your prospects straight from Klenty. And if at any point you are confused, you can always use the detailed articles and videos from Klenty academy to guide you. 


To read more about this great tool, check out our full review here.



If you wish to establish long-term relationships with bloggers and influencers with your outreach marketing campaigns, then Grouphigh is here to help you out. 


With the many search filters and features, Grouphigh will help you easily find influencers in all different sectors. This is going to save you tons of time you would have spent on manual searching. The provided analytics and reports are updated daily, so you will always know precisely how your marketing campaign is going. Integration with Google Analytics is also available for even more accessibility.


If this caught your attention, read more here.

Maria Harutyunyan

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Maria Harutyunyan
Our blog covers a combination of industry trends and professional insights from behind-the-scenes experiences dealing with every aspect of SEO. We provide weekly updates on topics such as link building, content marketing, on-site and technical SEO and more! Don’t miss any industry updates by signing up for our newsletter! You’ll also receive exclusive SEO strategies and learn about industry secrets like:

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