BuzzStream Review 2022: Link Building and Outreach Tool

October 5, 2022
| Maria Harutyunyan |
10 min read
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Link building is an essential part of the SEO process today. Yet, creating good-quality links for your website is becoming increasingly difficult as search engine algorithms have become more complex over the past few years. What’s more, link building for SEO can be a demanding and time-consuming task. That’s where BuzzStream comes in.

BuzzStream is an effective outreach and link building tool that helps with this important SEO element. It is an outreach tool and relationship CRM that lets you manage and develop a large volume of outreach campaigns when used efficiently. In other words, BuzzStream can help you easily take care of what can otherwise be one of the most time-demanding SEO undertakings.

What is BuzzStream?

BuzzStream is an influencer search engine and influence outreach CRM. SEO and PR teams use BuzzStream to help them develop relationships with top influences, better search performance, promote word-of-mouth traffic, and drive awareness. BuzzStream automates the most time-draining tasks and integrates the steps of outreach activities, thus helping marketing teams efficiently find influencers, build awareness, and develop beneficial relationships.  

BuzzStream software is used for the following tasks:

  • Digital PR - provides pitching and press list-building features.
  • Link Builders - BuzzStream’s link building tool works in 4 ways: finds contact information, manages communications, manages outreach prospects and pitches, and keeps track of existing and new backlinks.
  • Content Promotion - Helps you build lists and pitch to influencers, so you can achieve genuine publishing of your content.

BuzzStream Key Features

Public Relations
Campaign Management
Email Distribution
Contact Management
Article Author Database
Communications Calendar
Press Release Builder
Link Management Tools
Backlink Management
Link Analytics
Ranking Monitoring
Campaign Management
Broken Link Discovery
Competitor Analysis

BuzzStream Plans and Pricing

BuzzStream is available in various plans for multiple-users that range from $99 per month to $999 per month. There is also a starter plan, built for one user, which is priced at $24 per month. Each individual plan has unique features and the plan you choose will depend on the link building project you wish to develop.

The price of the plan you decide to purchase will also depend on the level of outreach you wish to engage in and the number of users that will need to have access to the system.    

If for example, you own a digital agency and have clients that require link building, you will need to purchase a bigger plan. It is useful to point out that BuzzStream is a link building tool and not a general SEO tool, and therefore you may need to purchase additional tools including reporting tools or rank checking tools.

Pros and Cons of BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a robust platform that you can use to research influencers easily and manage personalized outreach programs. It offers many top benefits and a wide range of features.

3 Pros at a Glance…

1. Automated Influencer Research Process

It is a daunting and time-consuming process to conduct research to discover influencers.

It involves:

  • Researching each influencer and their web-impact
  • Collating contact information and studying site metrics
  • Finding social profiles that can fit your business’s needs
  • Drawing conclusions about which influencer can help you the most

These tasks are necessary and are an essential part of any brand promotion and digital marketing and SEO work.      

BuzzStream works by conducting all these tasks automatically, saving you energy and time. It locates relevant contact information, social profiles, and site metrics for you. BuzzStream’s automated influencer research process lets you prioritize the most influential and potentially useful contacts.  

With BuzzStream you can easily add influencers and bloggers in your field to your database. You can then simply transform the search engine results page into a prospect list. BuzzStream will then collect all the important data for you and use this information to prioritize your contact lists according to your link building needs.

2. Unified Workspace

BuzzStream provides a unified workspace, a database that your whole team can work with. All your team members can work together on specific tasks, compare notes, and swiftly oversee and manage projects all in one place.

3. Email Correspondence and Social Media Management

You may have spent hours conducting marketing on social media or email and have had difficulty remembering which conversations you have had and with whom. BuzzStream provides you with an easy way to manage and monitor all your emails, tweets on social media, and status updates. This tool also allows you to schedule reminders so you can follow up on all your correspondence. Using BuzzStream you can easily keep tabs on all your outreach projects, conversations and social media communications.

You can use BuzzStream to organize your database to locate the most useful contacts. You can then select or create a template for your campaign and compose a personalized message. After this, you can schedule a good time to send out your outreach message and set a reminder for follow-ups with that contact.


  • BuzzStream merges several URLs from one domain into the same record.
  • BuzzStream is a link building tool thus you may also need other tools such as reporting and rank checking tools.

BuzzStream Alternatives

If you’re still on the search for the best outreach tool for your business needs, we have got BuzzStream alternatives for you. Feel free to check out our detailed reviews of:

  • Pitchbox
  • Mailshake
  • Yesware
  • Woodpecker
  • Gmass


The BuzzStream link building and outreach tool can be a fantastic linking asset for anyone establishing their own link building to agencies seeking to automate various aspects of their processes. BuzzStream’s plans and prices are affordable for up to 20 distinct users. BuzzStream is a great option for anyone looking for a tool to help them streamline their link request process and automate their documentation.  

Maria Harutyunyan

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Maria Harutyunyan
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