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Why Invest in Our SEO Services?

We often hear business owners say “I need more traffic.”
But what’s the point of having high rankings and getting lots of traffic if it doesn’t convert into dollars?

While we value the growth of traffic as an important KPI, we differ from other SEO agencies who only emphasize traffic growth as their bottom line. Traffic should be a means to an end—and the bottom line should be higher conversions and high ROI.  

In fact, according to Advanced Web Ranking, over 59% of traffic goes to the top three websites ranked for a given keyword. Our KPI is about snatching up the top three positions with those keywords, which will bring you traffic and revenue growth.

CTR and Positions

Praise From Our Clients

“Loopex Digital is amazing! Exceptional experience in SEO research and execution - great at explaining specifics behind SEO and why it is so crucial for your business. Cannot recommend this company enough!”
Katie Dietz
“Excellent work! Maria and her team really know their stuff.”
John E. Lincoln
“Loopex Digital has helped our business grow by providing exceptional SEO services and very clear / transparent communication. They are able to explain technical SEO issues to non-SEO people, which is a valuable skillset in itself.
I would recommend working with Loopex.”
Lyte Povel
“Loopex team has been an indispensable help for our eCommerce business. Their willingness to accommodate a range of services on rather tight deadlines has been instrumental for us to launch ahead of important Q4 holidays. Furthermore, we continue to use Loopex services launching our new eCommerce venture. Thanks guys! you rock”
Julius Urbanavicius
“Loopex is a great digital agency, I am working with them on SEO for 2.5 years by now, and we had 174% increase in our organic traffic. Keep up the good work !”
Mickey Lerner
“Great SEO support!  They really helped make our SEO more transparent, and more importantly, effective.”
Erick Wolf

Our SEO Process

Like a well-oiled machine

It’s not one size fits all. We don’t waste your time and resources experimenting just to see what sticks. We use strategy, knowledge, and experience to come up with a personalized and successful SEO campaign for each client. Here’s our three-step process, guaranteed to produce solid results.


We take a deep look at your website, inside and out, taking note of everything from its structure and quality of content to link portfolio and indexation behavior. We also spread out and analyze the SERPs, learning about your competition and figuring out where you stand in comparison. This step is essential for blazing forward and zooming past your competitors!


After analyzing the data collected during the evaluation phase, we create a bulletproof strategy that will enable you to not only catch up to your competition, but to eventually pass them. It’s about digging deep into what makes your competitors so successful, then taking it a step further when crafting your SEO strategy. We get a rush from executing the right tactics that get our clients the tangible results they want.


Planning is all well and good—but to put your new SEO strategy to the test we need to see it executed. This is when we crunch in hours of hard work to get you nothing but exceptional results. You can watch the progress unfold before your eyes with 24/7 access to intuitive online reports.

Why SEO? I Can Get Instant Search Traffic Via Google Ads!

While Google Ads are great,  relying on only one traffic acquisition channel is a big risk for online businesses. As soon as you stop paying for clicks, you instantly lose your traffic—and your business. That’s why you should always have a backup plan.
‍Did you know that if you’re relying entirely on investing in Google Ads (which has only a 15% share of search engine traffic!),  you’re missing out on the remaining 85% of organic traffic? This is simply because you’re not appearing on the first page of Google search results.
If you want to invest in the long-term success of your business, you need to play it smart and diversify your traffic acquisition channels. Focus on strategies that will bring you sustainable traffic and consistent results.

Share of search traffic on google

Traffic Flow

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Meet Our Team Of SEO Experts

We have three main SEO departments here at Loopex. Our 25+ SEO experts are engaged in either content management, digital PR and link building, or  on-site and technical SEO. Each team member has a different background and brings unique experiences to the table, from front-end development to data analysis. It’s this diversity that makes Loopex so strong and successful.

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SEO Book

Essential SEO Tools for Business Owners

Wondering what SEO tools should you use to get the most accurate and useful data for your decision making? Worry no more! We tested, vetted and reviewed all the essential SEO tools all in one guide!

SEO Book
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