Yesware Review 2022: Core Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

June 27, 2022
| Maria Harutyunyan |
10 min read
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The process of outreach takes time and effort as well as patience. If you’re using your email to reach out to your prospects, it can be quite tiring. 

Are you sending every outreach email manually while also trying to personalize each one and make it sound warmer for the reader? That should stop my friend, as there is a better way to do these things.

Have you ever thought how great it would be if you could know whether your prospect has or has not opened the email? How many times has s(he) opened it? How much was the bounce rate? 

Intriguing, right?

However, these are factors that manual outreach just can’t cover. 

If it does sound great and you’d like to have a tool that makes your life easier, just keep reading because I’m about to introduce you to Yesware. 

What is Yesware, and who is it for?

Yesware is a sales engagement platform that lets you track emails and notifies when your prospect reads their email and/or clicks on the link. You can create templates and save them for later use, as well as measure which email templates are the most successful ones. 

In addition, the tool automatically syncs your data into your CRM, so you don’t have to waste time manually uploading this information. 

Yesware is created to assist account managers, sales managers, and SEO specialists. This software tool comes in the form of an intuitive sidebar in your Outlook or Gmail inbox and helps you form business relationships.

Pros and Cons 

Your Yesware dashboard is integrated with your mail
Great built-in templates to use when starting your campaign
A team reporting feature to monitor general performance
Automated data entry
200 recipients per mail merge campaign. If your recipient list is longer, you will have to set up multiple campaigns
The basic plan doesn’t include some main features like Salesforce integration.

Plans and Pricing 

Yesware has 3 plans all of which come in monthly or annual billing options. The prices are $19, $45, and $85 per month for Pro, Premium, and Enterprise plans respectively. When switching to the annual billing option you will be saving up to 23%. Here the rates will become $15, $35, $65 for the same 3 payment plans.

All plans have access to phone and email support, as well as weekly training webinars. What’s more, they all come with tracking, reports, and personal templates as well. They can all schedule events and have a personalized Yesware link.

In addition to that, the Premium and Enterprise plans offer more team features, which are creating teams, team reporting, templates and sharing, role-based permissions, and team billing. These two plans also come with campaign templates, campaign performance reports, and prospect status reports. 

Besides everything mentioned above the Enterprise plan also includes Salesforce integration with all of its features. 

For a more detailed representation of Yesware plans and prices please visit their pricing page.

When subscribing to Yesware services, you will be provided with a payment schedule. If, for any reason you fail to make the payment on time, the amount will be subject to accumulated interest. The interest rate is 0.05% per additional day. 

For more information on Yesware terms of usage please see their Terms page.

Yesware Core Features 

Email Tracking 

With Yesware email tracking, you will get real-time notifications: email open, link & attachment clicks. You can also view the progress of your outreach in a personal & team tracking report and then plan the next move based on the recipient's engagement. 

To make sure you’re tracking the clicks and opens, you should set up your preferences. If you are using Gmail, go to the Yesware dropdown menu in the upper left corner of your screen and click preferences. Then go to the tracking section of your preferences and enable opens and link tracking. 

If you’re doing the same thing from your Office 365 email, please click “New Email” then choose “Email settings” from the Yesware menu and set your preferences there. 

For a more detailed presentation of the email tracking feature, please watch Gmail and Outlook videos. 

Meeting Scheduler

To schedule a meeting, you should just click the calendar icon in the compose window.

A calendar window will pop up, you’ll see your whole calendar, and you can choose the time slot you wish to use for the meeting. 

Another way to schedule a meeting is to send the recipient a link that includes all your available time slots and ask them to schedule the meeting. For a step-by-step guide to the process, please watch this Yesware video.

Email Templates 

You can use the templates feature to save time and build a pool of pre-written emails. Templates for individual recipients can be personalized here in just a few seconds.

You have access to your templates from the tab at the top of your Gmail window, as well as from inside the compose window. These will take you to a pop-up window that has all of your pre written templates in it. 

If you need to create a new template, please click the “New Template” button on the upper-right corner of the pop-up window and start writing. 

To know more about these email templates and how to use them, please watch the tutorial here.


The set-up process for campaigns is pretty simple with Yesware. From Gmail, you can go to your campaigns pop-up window in the horizontal menu at the upper part of your screen. Then click the “New Campaign”  button and start the set-up process. 

The new campaign pop-up window has a few sections you will need to fill out. First is the campaign name section, where you need to choose a name for your campaign. Then add your recipients by uploading a CSV file, using the search feature with Salesforce integration, or importing a Salesforce list.

Afterwards, you may choose the touch types. These include the following: 

  • Automated email
  • Manual email 
  • Phone call
  • Custom task 
  • Connect on Sales Navigator 
  • InMail on Sales Navigator

These are the options you may choose for contacting the recipient. You will be able to pick exactly what you send or tell them in the email or phone call. 

Adding reminders for each of these touch-types is also possible, so you won’t forget to take care of them. Here is a video for the full tutorial for the campaign set up in Gmail. 

If you use Outlook and wish to see a tutorial for the campaign set up in your Outlook mail please follow the link here. 

Reporting and Analytics 

The Yesware reporting section gives access to general email stats on your dashboard where you can see the combined metrics right in the first row. 

However, that’s not all. If you wish to see the performance metrics of individual emails you can go to the Email Activity section and see open, reply, and click rates, as well as how many meetings were scheduled with that specific recipient. 

Another report type you may need is the Recipient Engagement Report. This will mostly be used to see how many of your touches the recipient has reacted, whether with a click, an open or a response to your phone call. 

What’s interesting about Yesware reporting is that it can be integrated with Salesforce reporting. This means all of your email data will show up on your Salesforce report, and if you are often using your Salesforce reporting tool this integration will be more than convenient for you. 

You can read more about Yesware reports and analytics in their help articles here.

Yesware Integrations 

Just like all the other features, Salesforce integration can be done on both Gmail and Outlook. This way you can automate the data entry using the autosync feature. You can also get more insights from the Salesforce reporting. 

To integrate your Salesforce with your Yesware account, go to the Yesware dropdown menu on the left side of your Gmail mailbox and click Preferences. In the pop-up window, you will see the section named “Integrations”  which you will need to keep turned on. 

For more details on how Salesforce integration can be used, please go over this video tutorial. 

Besides Salesforce integration you can also add an integration for your Linkedin Sales Navigator account. This way you will have better and more insights and further options for reaching out to your prospects. 

Yesware Alternatives 

Outreach tools are various and if you are currently looking for one please make sure you have all the details about the best outreach tools available before you make your final decision. Aside from Yesware you can also check out our reviews for Pitchbox, Gmass, Buzzstream, Yesware, Ninja Outreach, and many others.

Maria Harutyunyan

Our blog covers a combination of industry trends and professional insights from behind-the-scenes experiences. We provide weekly updates on link building, content marketing, on-site and technical SEO, and more! Sign up for our newsletter and join our LinkedIn to be on top of industry trends!

Maria Harutyunyan
Our blog covers a combination of industry trends and professional insights from behind-the-scenes experiences dealing with every aspect of SEO. We provide weekly updates on topics such as link building, content marketing, on-site and technical SEO and more! Don’t miss any industry updates by signing up for our newsletter! You’ll also receive exclusive SEO strategies and learn about industry secrets like:

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