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At Loopex Digital our team of SEO specialists use international SEO strategies to drive leads and sales from global markets for your business. Together with our network of professional linguists trained in technical SEO writing, our SEO specialists will create a customized SEO campaign for each region that your business operates in. Ultimately, this will increase your organic traffic and sales from all over the world.
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What is “international SEO” and how does it work?

International SEO is, in layman terms, geo-targeting on a grand scale. Websites must be customized to meet the needs of every specific location. For instance, your website should be tailored to fulfill the following requirements: the most frequently used search engine in a specific area, the currency and language of the given region, and the keywords that local people are using to search for your product in a specific region.

After we have optimized the main website featuring your native language, we must apply a similar international SEO approach to your regional websites, featuring other languages. After you entirely localize the website for each language, you need to technically optimize the website for each location as well. Generally, the SEO processes behind a single language website are similar to the processes used when optimizing international sites; however, there are two marked differences.

1. Website owners select diverse strategies when attempting to optimize their website for global markets. For instance, some owners may choose to have distinct websites localized with ccTLDs for each area .com,, The others want to have all in one website with a subfolder format, for instance, .com/au or .com/uk. The difference between these two approaches is as follows. If you decide to go with option one (ccTLDs or subdomains) then we must optimize your website from scratch, as it is regarded as a new domain. However, if you decide to go with the subfolder choice (.com/uk) then the authority that you established for your main website will be intact and will also assist the regional pages.  

2. With international SEO we need to do brand new keyword research in each specific language. We don’t simply translate the keywords, but rather, research to understand which terms people are using when they search for your service or product in their native language. After we have completed this keyword research for each of the regions you are targeting, we need to translate your website and optmize it for regional elements.  

Why international SEO matters

If your company has an international presence and is selling services or products in various regions of the world, then you must have an international SEO strategy. A strategy that works in one country or region may not be effective in another region. Likewise, a certain page on your site may not have a global interest. Global or international SEO is a means of making sure that your visibility and ranking in various countries is as optimal as it can be.  

At Loopex Digital we focus on enhancing your website’s structure and making sure that it appears in search results in various regions and countries. You must have an international approach to SEO if you want to attract web users from around the globe and thus create a business in your key chosen regions.  

Why choose our international SEO services?

We can work together with you to localize your website so that your buyers from each region can naturally interact with your product or service. Specifically, they can search and engage with your website in their native language. We, at Loopex Digital, will make sure that your website is translated with the right cultural nuances, for each of your site pages, to establish a global reach.  

We use our international translators and linguists, who are versed in SEO technical writing, to create region-specific SEO strategies that are entirely tailored in approach. Our clients thus have the benefit of dealing with one agency that provides multi-market business processes and strategies. It is like you are dealing with local agencies in each target region.

We also have partners around the world who are strong SEO professionals. We include these partners in the process of keyword selection, audience research, content generation, and more.

At Loopex Digital we are giving companies the chance to develop purposeful digital journeys and create significant connections with their worldwide customer base. We do this by facilitating the creation and pertinent, personalize, and optimized content that is also tailored for SEO.

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What our international SEO includes

Local keyword intent research

It’s not sufficient to simply translate keyword research conducted for a certain region. Rather than translating, we conduct in-depth research into how local people search for specific products, we look at the terms they use and the kind of buyer behavior they exhibit. Once we understand your buyers’ intent we then choose commercially relevant keywords. This ensures that there is a match between the customers of a given region and the local language website.

Competitor analysis

We begin competitor analysis and SERP analysis according to the keyword research for every regional area. This analysis aims to understand the movements of your competition, in each given region. We then utilize this data to understand their strategy and devise the best approach concerning the content, site structure, and more.

International site structure

Do you have distinct ccTLD, subdomains, or subfolders? Are you focusing on distinct languages and distinct regions with identical languages? What is the relationship between your international content and your current site? At Loopex Digital we find the top solutions, in keeping with your general international aims.

International technical SEO

We do a technical audit of the main and area-specific websites and rectify all the technical problems connected to URLs, geolocation settings, meta language tags, multilingual internal linking, and more.

Regional content

International customers have a specific way they search. Your content must give your local customers the feeling that it is created in-market, and that it’s relevant and trustworthy. The tone of voice and imagery you use needs to be considered and specific to every location. The impact that your business makes will increase when you use a native voice that is culturally accepted.

Link acquisition

Building links for distinct regions is an hard task, because of the language differences, cultural diversity, and distinct industry behavior. However, links are a crucial part of any successful international SEO strategy. Thus we use our local knowledge to develop a local strategy for every one of your target regions and select markets.

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Our SEO Proccess

What is SEO and how does it work?

We make sure to use only the most distinguished SEO tools available in the industry to automate, streamline and optimize specific tasks. These include SEO software for keyword research, SEO audit, page speed optimization as well as tools suggested by Google. Some examples of tools are SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, KW Finder, Screaming Frog and many more. These tools take care of repetitive manual tasks and give us accurate data to work with. Thanks to these tools we have more time to focus on other important aspects of SEO that need our professional attention.

What is an SEO Service Provider?

A company that offers SEO services to websites is an SEO service provider. They are responsible for handling Search Engine Optimization of a certain business. An SEO service provider has the goal to boost their clients’ website ranking, using the keywords that will bring them the most money in their sector. After identifying and researching niche keywords,  they will put a strategy in place to make sure the business gets a consistent flow of organic traffic.

What should you consider before choosing an SEO Service Provider?

The most important thing you should try to understand is their track record. Ask yourself the following questions: What companies have they worked with? Who are they currently working with? What kind of experience does the company have in getting results? It is important to choose to work with a company that focuses solely on SEO.

There are many companies out there that offer full digital marketing services. But while they may offer a wide variety of services, they probably lack a deeper level of expertise focused on SEO. We only offer SEO services because that’s what we are experts in. That is why we are so confident in our ability to provide tangible results. Before choosing an SEO service provider, take a look at their success stories to understand their level of experience and how they handle SEO in particular.

How do I analyse SEO for my website?

We recommend using one of the many tools available online aimed at analyzing your website’s SEO health. Search for tools on Google that offer analysis and provide you with a health score. Many of these websites also offer some tips on what steps you can take to improve your SEO health score.

How does SEO help business?

The short answer? Organic traffic! More specifically, consistent and free traffic. Once you invest in SEO, you are set to get consistent traffic towards your business. SEO is not an overnight quick fix. It is a long process that takes time and dedication. You will likely begin feeling the results in about 2-3 months, but it is an investment that you won’t regret making. With proper SEO you can expect long-term results and a major increase in organic traffic.

Is SEO Important in 2019?

Practices in SEO are always evolving, but if you are an online company who wants to receive targeted traffic, then SEO is very important. You need to try to diversify your traffic acquisition channels with a bit of social media traffic acquisition, a bit of paid traffic acquisition channels from Google, and most importantly, a steady flow of organic traffic. SEO is thriving in 2019 and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Should I hire an SEO company?

While it isn’t impossible to form an SEO team on your own, we wouldn’t recommend it. You would be saving yourself a lot of time and resources if you hire an SEO company. Why? Because SEO companies have already done the hard work of hiring experts who specialize in each aspect of SEO.  It is important to understand that SEO is not one-dimensional, but has many different layers.

There are many professions in SEO, such as content creators and managers, advanced keyword researchers, link building and digital PR experts and technical SEO professionals. Each professional plays an important role in executing his part of a successful SEO strategy. These professionals are hyper-focused and poised to guarantee the best results. 

Outsourcing some SEO tasks can be challenging, as you would have to be an SEO expert to be able to qualify the work done. You need an SEO strategist who can understand and take on the task of creating and implementing an SEO strategy that caters to your business’ needs. They have to be able to work closely with each SEO professional while keeping the big picture in mind.

What are the modern SEO services?

There are three main aspects of modern SEO services:
- Content Creation and Management
- Link Building and Digital PR
- Technical SEO

What does an SEO company report look like?

Company reports are usually made up of 4 parts:

Keyword Research and Content Management Report - This is important for understanding what keywords to target for your content and optimizing your content around those keywords.

Link Building Report - With this report, you will understand both the quantity and quality of backlinks that you get from unique domains.

Technical SEO Report - This report will reveal the SEO health of your website, helping you to understand what status your website has.

Ranking Report - This is important for understanding the trends and movement of your target keywords.

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