GroupHigh Review: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

March 21, 2024
| Maria Harutyunyan |
7 min read
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Need to build an effective influencer marketing strategy?

If you are looking for a powerful content marketing tool that allows you to quickly find any Influencer or blogger’s contact information, research social and blog posts, and build targeting outreach lists, then GroupHigh is the right choice for you. 

The question that needs to be addressed is, therefore, “How to easily identify influential people and build authentic relationships to grow your business?”

OK! No more wasting time! Let’s get to exploring the product we’ve selected for you. 

What is GroupHigh?

GroupHigh merges the worlds of influencers, bloggers, and traditional media in one powerful platform. 

It’s an influencer marketing tool that helps ease the process of outreach. It also offers solutions for effective SEO, affiliate marketing, relationship scoring, earned post tracking, and more. This software helps to find influencers’ and bloggers’ contact information to build targeted outreach lists for easier engagement. 

GroupHigh also offers some tools to report the website traffic, post engagement levels, and content summaries to be able to analyze the websites that we find while searching for influencers and blogs on the same platform. It includes visual reports as well, customized to present earned media in an easy-to-understand format.

Who is GroupHigh for?

The typical customers of GroupHigh include startups, SMEs, agencies, enterprises.    

GroupHigh offers effective solutions for marketers of any size, brand, or agency. 

Influencer marketing platforms like these are used by hundreds of bloggers and agencies in retail and IT services. 

Google Analytics integration ensures more precise information on website traffic.
GroupHigh helps to find influencers easily, saving time spent on manual searches.
Real-time reporting – The information that GroupHigh provides is updated daily.
The user interface, though visually appealing, may be tricky to navigate at times.
GroupHigh doesn’t show the correct number of the blogs’ visitors. If the blog has tens of thousands of monthly visitors, it displays only half.

GroupHigh Pricing

 GroupHigh offers solutions for every price point, allowing its users to have access to different features that will assist them in taking their marketing campaigns to new heights. 

Since this information isn’t readily available online, you must contact the Grouphigh team at to find out the pricing details.  

GroupHigh Features

GroupHigh is a marketing software that has a range of helpful features, including influencer search filters, contact research and storing, analytic reports, and the opportunity to manage relationships with the influencers.

 To start your campaign, you must first connect your Gmail account by going to the “settings” section. Nothing really complicated here!

GroupHigh allows you to connect your social accounts to update social metrics such as followers and engagement on a daily basis. 

grouphigh features


GroupHigh Search Engine

 With GroupHigh, you have access to over 15 million blogger profiles. This platform allows the user to search for “blogs,” “traditional media,” and “influencers” separately or all at once. 

GroupHigh Search Engine


With these options, you will be able to narrow down the research based on your target. Other perks the platform's search tool offers is automatically saving the list of your latest searches.  Saving your search is useful in case you don’t want to send a message yet, but you are still interested in the contacts you found. 

GroupHigh offers lists of blogs in real-time with general details, social metrics, topics, and recent posts in one place. You can easily scan and add the best bloggers to your campaign list with the available powerful filters by typing in multiple keywords and then using the facets to refine your search even further. 


grouphigh lists of blogs


You can cut down the number of search results by keeping only Instagram or Facebook influencers, for example. The filters on the left corner allow you to play around with each blog or social media platform. For instance, if you click on “Blog Filters,” you should be able to see options such as “Traffic & SEO,” where you can suggest what you expect from the search results. 

grouphigh blog filters


There is also another filter called “Blog content filters,” which helps you to narrow down the content by language, author, location, and more.


grouphigh search

Add contacts


Critical to the success of your outreach campaign is for you to identify contact information for each blogger and influencer. This will allow you to personalize each pitch, address the blogger by name, and reuse that contact information again for future campaigns. 


Users can create lists of content creators based on niche topic expertise, social presence, total reach, and venue. 


add contacts grouphigh


Firstly, you can filter the existing list by adding proper channels. You can also sort the list by modifying the outreach stages (e.g., new, contacted, approved, declined) and CRM tags. 


create a list grouphigh


The stages of outreach can be multiplied and changed depending on your needs. 

grouphigh outreach


 Finally, there is an option of importing your own links by clicking on “Import/Export” and adding a list of URLs. 


website url import grouphigh



 Contact Research 

 If you use GroupHigh, you already know that the site simplifies the process of qualifying blogs for your outreach program by placing everything you need to know in one place.

GroupHigh assists content marketers not only in identifying bloggers and social media influencers but also in conducting analysis and evaluations of their blogs and pages, reviewing content. Along with this, another critical task that GroupHigh helps to accomplish is evaluating influencer marketing and blogger outreach results. 

What can you find out about the blog/influencers?

view blog grouphigh


  • The blog's key subjects and topics, which will tell you a lot about the blog's audience and their interests.
  • Posting frequency, as well as the most recent articles.
  • Statistics on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube,...
  • MozRank and Alexa metrics as GroupHigh partners with both these companies.
  • The blog's location and a brief overview.
  • Contact information for each blog.

Influencer CRM

In addition, with the help of GroupHigh you can not only identify prospects, but also manage the flow of your communication with them. There is a section for CRM data and capabilities for each contact. In this section, you can write and send emails, as well as save your notes and upload media kit attachments. 


grouphigh Influencer CRM


It's just about putting together a 360-degree view of the author, the influencer, and all the details you'd need to decide whether or not to work with them, how much to pay them, and if the partnership is worth your time. The blog/influencer CRM serves as a central hub for managing influencer relationships. Users can organize their blogger database into folders and lists, create segments with advanced filters, monitor blogger participation, behavior, and conduct automated blogger research using this feature. 

Many marketers use GroupHigh to determine how efficient it would be to reach out to this or that blogger. It guides the process of analyzing and evaluating the content quality and the commitment of bloggers and influencers before finalizing marketing relationships with them.


 Sending pitches is easy when you have them customized and ready for whenever you need to reach out. Once you've worked your way through the database and narrowed your options to the best bloggers, you can access the multi-function contact center, which shows you email addresses (or URL of contact form), updated social media stats, and other metrics. It also allows you to assign the blog to a team member and add a task description.


send pitches grouphigh

Every strategy has its way of "qualifying control," and GroupHigh has developed software to automate this process. Users can pull over 50 metrics for influencers and select which filters to run them through to decide whether or not they are a good match for their brand.

You are free to create your own email templates by hovering over the avatar on the bottom left corner and clicking on the “settings.” 


new template grouphigh


Earned and owned media reporting

To demonstrate ROI, GroupHigh helps to gather all mentions in one location. It allows you to see and track earned media from blogs and social media generated by your influencers. This eliminates the noise that often accompanies social media tracking, so you can concentrate solely on the content generated by your influencers.

Start by clicking on the “create new” button, selecting a new tracker and give your tracker a name. 

 You can save the tracker in the selected folder or choose the home directory. Now that we have our new tracker, you should go to “Add posts to your report,” where you post a page URL or social media account. GroupHigh starts researching that specific site and then pulls the total engagement. 


grouphigh reporting


You can also paste the URLs of your other media types, such as blog articles, tweets, several Instagram posts, pins, youtube videos, and more. Click “Import,” and GroupHigh displays the results in the tracker. 

GroupHigh Alternatives

No matter how sure you are in having found the best outreach tool, it is always to check out all your options before selection. Some alternatives that we’ve found have been voted best among the others. The most popular ones include tools such as BuzzStream, Mailshake, Pitchbox, and Yesware.  

We wish you luck in choosing the best fit for your business and boosting your visibility on the internet.

Maria Harutyunyan

Our blog covers a combination of industry trends and professional insights from behind-the-scenes experiences. We provide weekly updates on link building, content marketing, on-site and technical SEO, and more! Sign up for our newsletter and join our LinkedIn to be on top of industry trends!

Maria Harutyunyan
Our blog covers a combination of industry trends and professional insights from behind-the-scenes experiences dealing with every aspect of SEO. We provide weekly updates on topics such as link building, content marketing, on-site and technical SEO and more! Don’t miss any industry updates by signing up for our newsletter! You’ll also receive exclusive SEO strategies and learn about industry secrets like:

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