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At Loopex, our mission is to improve the ranking of your local listing and to establish an online presence for your business. If you have a local business and your target audience is searching for your product or service online, then investing in local SEO is a must to get more local customers.
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How often do people search for local businesses?

As Google reports, 46% of all Google searches have “local intent”. This means that people are searching for a product or a service near them. You can thus understand why it is crucial to put your efforts into optimizing your website and into implementing local SEO techniques. Our goal is to help you increase your visibility on Google and other search engines so that your potential customers can easily find you.

Why should you choose our local SEO services?

Our experience and our local SEO services success stories prove just how competitive our services are. We have developed proven and tested strategies to help you increase your website’s ranking easily, within a reasonable time frame. It makes business sense to rely on our team of top experts.

Once a month, you will get:
- Custom Google Analytics reports about your organic traffic
- A keyword ranking report
- Access to your local SEO specialist anytime you have inquiries or questions

Loopex Digital are experts when it comes to defining our clients’ goals and ensuring they get results. We cater to all business industries and all business sizes. We customize our approach to meet your needs and develop strategies to bring you maximum success. Our vision is to increase your organic traffic, which will translate into high ROI.

Our Local SEO Process

SEO audit

First, we scan your entire website to find all the issues that are in need of fixing. We give special attention to those issues that deal with local SEO including schema markup. Our audits are comprehensive and include Google my business audit, citation audit, technical audit, and more!

Defining goals

We set defined goals, based on our Local SEO audit results, for each focus keyword and page we aim to rank on local search results.

Local SEO citations and link building

We strive to list your business and get relevant editorial links on high-profile websites at both the national and local levels. This helps to establish your brand as trustworthy and as an authority in your specific industry. 

Content creation

With local SEO, one of the key strategies we implement is content creation and optimization at a local level. We use content to help you build the authority of your brand or service within your niche area. This will help you drive LOTS of target traffic which, in turn, will lead to an increase in sales.

Detailed reporting

We will provide you with detailed reports on a monthly basis. These reports will document your local rankings. This way, you can easily keep track of your SEO results. We will also assign you a local SEO strategist to ensure smooth communication between you and our team. This will lead to optimal outcomes.

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How does local SEO work?

Search engines gather information about local businesses or local searches using various signals across the web. These signals can be local content, local social profile pages, local links, local citations, etc. Based on these signals, search engines determine which local search engine results are the most relevant for each term.

How will you improve my local SEO results?

Companies use many different strategies to improve Local SEO results. Our approach is multi-faceted. This is because different local signals have an effect on search engines. To begin with, we work to optimize your Google My Business listing. We then collect reviews from your local customers. Another important factor to take into consideration is voice search. People tend to use digital personal assistants like Siri or Google Voice Search to search for local businesses, particularly in the U.S.  We work on “localizing” your content by, for example, featuring local events and news. And, of course, we will optimize your website for mobile usage.

Keywords need to have a local twist, and we do this by making the location a part of the keyword. Additionally, we can open location pages for you, if your business spans across many different locations. Our link-building services will target local websites. Your business will also need to get a local directory citation. We do all this and more to ensure that Google recognizes your business as local. Consequently, your business will show up in local search engine results pages (SERPs)!

How important is local SEO?

About 45% of searches have local intent. That is why it is crucial for local companies to appear on local search engine results pages. There are many courses of action used to get you noticed by local search engines, including a high-quality website. The website should also be an authority within its niche area. Having a quality authoritative website is a great way to get traffic and a free flow of leads.

What are local SEO Citations?

When other websites and online directories cite your business information on their pages, it's called a Local SEO Citation. The citation must include your business name, address, and phone number (NAP). Google uses this information to track your visibility and authority.

How can local SEO help e-commerce businesses?

The principle behind Local SEO remains the same, whether you are selling a product or a service. If you are selling your products and services online from a specific location, your business will benefit from Local SEO.

What are the key components of local SEO?

Your rankings on Google are affected by many different components, including your presence on Google My Business, backlinks, reviews, citations, and more! Each of these factors needs to be addressed to make sure that your business has good Local SEO results.
Take a look at these key components by percentages by Moz:
25% - Google My Business
16% - Links
15% - Reviews
14% - On-Page
11% - Citations
10% - Behavioral
6% -   Personalization
3% -   Social Signals

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

SEO involves being ranked for a wide range of topics and keywords. With SEO no location restrictions are placed on your business. Local SEO specifically helps locally-based businesses.

How long does local SEO take?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question: When will I start seeing results? There are many factors that influence how long your Local SEO will take, for example, the size of the market and the competition in your niche area. If you are working in a competitive area, especially an area that has a lot of local competition, time and effort will be needed to get your website to rank. If you are working in a very specific niche area you are likely to see results quite quickly. The time it takes for your business to rank will also be dependent on the results of your business audit. Some websites are in better shape than others. If your website is in good shape we can easily streamline our efforts!

What are Local business listings in SEO?

You can get your Local Business Listing featured on many different online directories. Doing so will help raise the credibility, authority, and visibility of your business. Some examples of local business listings include Yelp, YellowPages, WhitePages, Yahoo Local, Bing Places, Foursquare, etc.

How effective is social media for local SEO?

YRecently, Google has started giving businesses that have a good social media presence an advantage over those businesses that don’t invest in social media. Google pays attention to the level of engagement your posts and content are receiving. They also notice how often your brand is mentioned across social networks. This is something that is hard to create artificially. People genuinely need to be engaged with the brand and content of your business. Google also pays attention to positive reviews on your business’ Facebook page. That is why social signals are now a very important ranking factor.

Which local directories matter for SEO?

Generally speaking, we aim for directories that have high domain authority, a good level of trust, and are regularly referred to. We have a comprehensive list of directories from different countries. Our list includes the most reputable directories, as these are the ones that will give you the most SEO value.

How to optimize for local SEO for multiple office locations nationwide?

86% of people look for information about businesses using Google Maps! If you have a chain of businesses across the country then your biggest priority should be to create location pages on your website for each of your business locations. This way, people who are searching on Google from a specific location will receive a result that includes your closest business location in proximity to them. Each of your location pages needs to include your local business schema markup. Your Google My Business page also needs to include all your location page URLs. This means work needs to be done to verify each of your locations, accurately list working hours, add photos for each location, manage and respond to reviews, and more. Work also needs to be done around link-building, specifically for each of your location pages.

Our SEO Proccess

Technical SEO Audit
Keyword Research and Analysis
On Page SEO Optimization
Content Strategy and Implementation
Strategic and Scalable Linkbuilding
Social Signals

Our SEO Proccess

What is SEO and how does it work?

We make sure to use only the most distinguished SEO tools available in the industry to automate, streamline and optimize specific tasks. These include SEO software for keyword research, SEO audit, page speed optimization as well as tools suggested by Google. Some examples of tools are SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, KW Finder, Screaming Frog and many more. These tools take care of repetitive manual tasks and give us accurate data to work with. Thanks to these tools we have more time to focus on other important aspects of SEO that need our professional attention.

What is an SEO Service Provider?

A company that offers SEO services to websites is an SEO service provider. They are responsible for handling Search Engine Optimization of a certain business. An SEO service provider has the goal to boost their clients’ website ranking, using the keywords that will bring them the most money in their sector. After identifying and researching niche keywords,  they will put a strategy in place to make sure the business gets a consistent flow of organic traffic.

What should you consider before choosing an SEO Service Provider?

The most important thing you should try to understand is their track record. Ask yourself the following questions: What companies have they worked with? Who are they currently working with? What kind of experience does the company have in getting results? It is important to choose to work with a company that focuses solely on SEO.

There are many companies out there that offer full digital marketing services. But while they may offer a wide variety of services, they probably lack a deeper level of expertise focused on SEO. We only offer SEO services because that’s what we are experts in. That is why we are so confident in our ability to provide tangible results. Before choosing an SEO service provider, take a look at their success stories to understand their level of experience and how they handle SEO in particular.

How do I analyse SEO for my website?

We recommend using one of the many tools available online aimed at analyzing your website’s SEO health. Search for tools on Google that offer analysis and provide you with a health score. Many of these websites also offer some tips on what steps you can take to improve your SEO health score.

How does SEO help business?

The short answer? Organic traffic! More specifically, consistent and free traffic. Once you invest in SEO, you are set to get consistent traffic towards your business. SEO is not an overnight quick fix. It is a long process that takes time and dedication. You will likely begin feeling the results in about 2-3 months, but it is an investment that you won’t regret making. With proper SEO you can expect long-term results and a major increase in organic traffic.

Is SEO Important in 2019?

Practices in SEO are always evolving, but if you are an online company who wants to receive targeted traffic, then SEO is very important. You need to try to diversify your traffic acquisition channels with a bit of social media traffic acquisition, a bit of paid traffic acquisition channels from Google, and most importantly, a steady flow of organic traffic. SEO is thriving in 2019 and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Should I hire an SEO company?

While it isn’t impossible to form an SEO team on your own, we wouldn’t recommend it. You would be saving yourself a lot of time and resources if you hire an SEO company. Why? Because SEO companies have already done the hard work of hiring experts who specialize in each aspect of SEO.  It is important to understand that SEO is not one-dimensional, but has many different layers.

There are many professions in SEO, such as content creators and managers, advanced keyword researchers, link building and digital PR experts and technical SEO professionals. Each professional plays an important role in executing his part of a successful SEO strategy. These professionals are hyper-focused and poised to guarantee the best results. 

Outsourcing some SEO tasks can be challenging, as you would have to be an SEO expert to be able to qualify the work done. You need an SEO strategist who can understand and take on the task of creating and implementing an SEO strategy that caters to your business’ needs. They have to be able to work closely with each SEO professional while keeping the big picture in mind.

What are the modern SEO services?

There are three main aspects of modern SEO services:
- Content Creation and Management
- Link Building and Digital PR
- Technical SEO

What does an SEO company report look like?

Company reports are usually made up of 4 parts:

Keyword Research and Content Management Report - This is important for understanding what keywords to target for your content and optimizing your content around those keywords.

Link Building Report - With this report, you will understand both the quantity and quality of backlinks that you get from unique domains.

Technical SEO Report - This report will reveal the SEO health of your website, helping you to understand what status your website has.

Ranking Report - This is important for understanding the trends and movement of your target keywords.

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