Top 10 Best On-Page SEO Service Providers: Expert Picks

May 7, 2024
| Maria Harutyunyan
10 Min Read
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The SEO market comprises thousands of agencies, each promising superior results. This makes it extremely difficult for businesses to distinguish between genuine expertise and marketing fluff.

To help businesses find the best on-page SEO service company, we used my expertise as Head of SEO at Loopex Digital, one of the best SEO agencies in Armenia, and our team's hands-on experience from hundreds of projects. Our selection relies on transparent criteria that we have developed to ensure that our evaluation is unbiased. Our list is not sponsored, as we are committed to providing businesses with an objective viewpoint.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best on-page SEO service companies.

  • Loopex Digital
  • Victorious
  • Ignite Digital 
  • Delante
  • Elite-Web
  • Netrocket
  • Coalition Technologies
  • Big Leap
  • Straight North
  • Infront Webworks

How We Picked the Best On-Page SEO Service Companies 

To select the best on-page SEO service companies from a pool of top-tier service providers, we relied on Clutch. This directory is renowned in the IT sector for its comprehensive coverage of over 280,000 vetted businesses across over 1,500 business categories. Coupled with its commitment to detailed and authentic reviews, Clutch provided a reliable foundation for our selection process.

To pinpoint the companies that provide on-page SEO services, we first opened up the full list of companies providing SEO services on Clutch. Then, we applied the 'On Site Optimization' filter to narrow down our search, but we still had a large number to go through — 18,899 companies. This showed us that we needed a more detailed approach to find the best among them. Here are the criteria we used in our selection process:

  • Customer Reviews: As the first key factor, we focused on companies with 30+ reviews on Clutch. This high number of customer reviews indicates that the company has a proven track record of experience, client satisfaction, and consistent service quality.
  • Review Rating: Next, we narrowed down our selection to companies with a remarkable review rating of 4.7 to 5.0. Such strict selection criteria ensure that the chosen companies consistently deliver exceptional on-page SEO services.
  • Recognizable Clients: We took into account whether these companies had well-known clients. This criterion proves that the company has the expertise to attract and retain reputable and established clients.
  • Case Studies: We selected companies that had case studies with comprehensive descriptions of on-site optimization efforts that led to project success. This criterion is essential as it provides valuable insights into the company's past projects and accomplishments.
  • Service Lines and SEO Focus: Besides SEO firms, our list also included PR agencies and advertising firms offering SEO as a side service. To finalize our selection, we applied two key metrics from Clutch, Service Lines and SEO Focus, that show a company's service distribution. We chose firms where SEO is over 70% of their offerings to ensure that they specialize in SEO. Next, we evaluated their SEO Focus, i.e., which percentage of SEO services is focused on on-page SEO. This approach helped us identify SEO companies with a main focus on-page SEO. 

After applying these selection criteria to the initial pool of 18,899 companies, the list was narrowed down to a few dozen. From there, applying our best judgment, we identified 10 companies that provide top-notch on-page SEO services.

Best 10 On-Page SEO Service Companies Worldwide 

To help you in your comparison of SEO service providers, we have prepared a detailed table featuring key metrics. This resource will help you choose the ideal SEO company for your business by offering clear insights into service line distribution, with a specific focus on On-Page SEO, Clutch review ratings, price ranges, and company sizes.

LOOPEX DIGITAL 100% SEO 30% 5.0 $25-$49 10-49
VICTORIOUS 100% SEO 25% 4.9 $100-$149 50-249
IGNITE DIGITAL 70% SEO 25% 4.9 $50 - $99 10 - 49
DELANTE 70% SEO 25% 4.9 $50 - $99 10 - 49
ELIT-WEB 70% SEO 50% 5.0 $25-$49 250 - 999
NETROCKET 70% SEO 40% 5.0 $50 - $99 10 - 49
COALITION TECHNOLOGIES 70% SEO 20% 4.8 $50 - $99 50 - 249
BIG LEAP 75% SEO 15% 4.8 $100 - $149 50 - 249
STRAIGHT NORTH 70% SEO 20% 4.7 $100 - $149 50 - 249
INFRONT WEBWORKS 85% SEO 45% 5.0 $100 - $149 10 - 49

Loopex Digital

Loopex Digital seo services

Loopex Digital is a dynamic and results-oriented SEO agency with a wide range of expert services including technical SEO audit, SEO content strategy, link-building, and Digital PR.  The company has a proactive approach to adapting to algorithm changes and implementing best practices to drive real results for its clients. The company prioritizes open communication with their clients, transparency, and detailed reporting to keep their clients up-to-date about the progress of their campaigns.

  • Service Lines - 100% SEO
  • SEO Focus - 30% On-Page SEO
  • Clutch Reviews: 5.0 stars from 34 reviews on Clutch
  • Case Studies: Lilac Lashes, Overnight Glasses
  • Client Testimonial by Kosame Beauty:

"We're getting what we needed - clarity on how to improve my website’s SEO performance."

Work Done: Loopex Digital conducted a thorough analysis of existing content and performed keyword research for all category pages of Kosame Beauty. Additionally, they conducted research on potential blog topics for future posts. The company also provided screen share videos, offering insights into optimizing content effectively, generating suitable content, and utilizing various effective methods for keyword research.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Digital PR
  • Industries: Business Services, eCommerce, Information Technology, Legal Cannabis, Consumer Products and Services, Dental, Education, Financial Services, Hospitality and Leisure, Medical
  • Top Clients: Innolytics LLC, aThemes, Oberlo, LEVVVEL
  • Awards: Clutch Top SEO Company in Armenia 2021, Tech Behemoths Top SEO Company in Armenia 2022
  • Price Range: $25-$49/hr
  • Company Size: 10-49
  • Location: Yerevan, Armenia


Victorious seo services

Victorious is an award-winning SEO agency known for its effective SEO strategies. Their services cover on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and content writing, all aimed at driving long-term growth for their clients. The company has had multiple wins and nominations at the US Agency Awards, such as SEO Agency of the Year (2023) and Campaign Effectiveness Award (2023). 

  • Service Lines - 100% SEO
  • SEO Focus - 25% On-Page SEO
  • Clutch Reviews: 4.9 stars from 90 reviews on Clutch
  • Case Studies: 70% Boost in organic traffic for Eden Health, 490% increase in page one keywords for Agora, 300% increase in organic traffic for BMarko Structures
  • Client Testimonial by a Restaurant Company:

"They are always patient and helpful if we need support."

Work Done: Victorious took on the task of improving a restaurant company's SEO rankings. They targeted important keywords, came up with strategies, and implemented tracking efforts to manage project progress. 

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, SEO Content Writing, Web Implementation
  • Industries: AI, Cannabis, eCommerce, Fashion, Law Firm, Luxury, News Publishers, Real Estate, Saas, Travel
  • Top Clients: SoFi, Groupon, Yahoo, Spotify, Salesforce, GoFundMe, Heap Analytics, Lime, Tupperware, TopGolf
  • Awards: US Agency Awards: Winner, SEO Agency of the Year, Global Search Awards: Silver Winner, Best US SEO Campaign, Search Engine Land Awards: Finalist (x2), Best Commerce Search Marketing Initiative
  • Price Range: $100-$149/hr
  • Company Size: 50 - 249
  • Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Ignite Digital

Ignite Digital seo services

Ignite Digital is a Canada-based digital marketing agency focusing mainly on SEO services. The company is also known for its broader digital marketing services, such as content marketing, web development, and PPC. Clutch has acknowledged their reputation and quality of service as they included Ignite Digital in the Clutch 1000 list for 2023 as one of the top B2B companies globally.

This expertise in understanding our industry's market dynamics on the internet is exceptional.

Work Done: Ignite Digital handled SEO initiatives for an architecture design company. Their work involved creating blog posts, conducting keyword reviews, handling lead generation, and implementing site optimizations.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Design & Website Development
  • Industries: Business Services, Consumer Products & Services, Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Medical, Dental, Energy & Natural Resources, Hospitality & Leisure, Legal, eCommerce
  • Top Clients: Pepsico, Maple Leaf Foods, Better Homes and Gardens
  • Awards: MarCom Platinum Award for Best Advertising Campaign in Google Ads, Clutch 1000 List 
  • Price Range: $50 - $99 / hr
  • Company Size: 10 - 49
  • Location: Mississauga, Canada


Delante seo services

Delante is an international SEO and SEM agency known for its hands-on, KPI-driven approach to increasing the online visibility of businesses globally. They offer an impressive range of SEO services, such as technical SEO, local SEO, long-tail SEO, SEO audits, SEO consulting, and SEO copywriting.

The company was founded in 2014 in Poland and is growing rapidly. They have a team of over 50 professionals and operate across a wide range of industries in over 20 countries.

  • Service Lines - 85% SEO
  • SEO Focus - 50% On-Page SEO
  • Clutch Reviews: 5.0 stars from 123 reviews on Clutch
  • Case Studies: +311% increase in visibility for Moya Matcha, 964% growth of organic traffic for Mazer, +1117% increase in organic traffic for zklocków
  • Client Testimonial by Blendo:

"Their process is well-organized and everything is delivered on time."

Work Done: Delante was responsible for managing SEO activities for an online cordless blender store. This included conducting a website audit, implementing off and on-page SEO efforts, performing keyword research, and more.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, UX, CR, CX Analysis 
  • Industries: Ecommerce, Business Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Medical, Cbd, Travel
  • Top Clients: Douglas, Azimo, Nokia, Notino, Culligan Water,, Best, Western, Fellowes, Sticky Business, Best Western
  • Awards: Manifest Global Award for Top Reviewed SEM Service Provider (2022), Global Search Awards 2020 Finalist, Global Search Awards 2020 Best Global Large SEO Company Nomination 
  • Price Range: $100-$149/hr
  • Company Size: 10 - 49
  • Location: Kraków, Poland


Elit-Web seo services

Elit-Web is a distinguished SEO company with over 10 years of experience in the internet marketing market. Specializing in technical SEO audit, keyword research, on-site optimization, local SEO, and more, the company has built a reputation for excellence. Since its establishment, Elit-Web has successfully completed over 2,500 projects and collaborated with 500+ companies across various industries. Their exceptional work has earned them reputable awards, solidifying their position as a leader in the field of SEO.

  • Service Lines - 70% SEO
  • SEO Focus - 50% On-Page SEO
  • Clutch Reviews: 5.0 stars from 42 reviews on Clutch
  • Case Studies: x3 increased organic traffic for Unlayer, x4 increased organic traffic for Salesken, x2 increased organic traffic for Omnisend
  • Client Testimonial by JSC "Agrimatco-Ukraine":

We are grateful for their contributions and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration.

Work Done: Elit-Web provided SEO services for an agricultural solutions company. Their work included keyword research, implementing SEO tactics, making on-site adjustments, and managing SMM campaigns.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, PPC
  • Industries: eCommerce, Gambling, Retail, Information Technology, Advertising & Marketing, Business Services, Consumer Products & Services, Medical
  • Top Clients: IKEA, IVI, Bolt, REHAU, LuxeDecor, ALVA
  • Awards: Clutch Top On-Page SEO Company 2023, Clutch Top SEO Company for eCommerce 2023, Clutch Top SEO Company for Retail 2023
  • Price Range: $25-$49/hr
  • Company Size: 250 - 999
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine


Netrocket seo services

Netrocket is a B2B inbound marketing agency specializing in SEO and PPC. Their main goal is to help businesses increase profits through organic and paid online channels. To achieve that result, they analyze the niche thoroughly, develop an effective strategy, and execute technical error audits, on-page SEO, content strategy, and off-page SEO. Netrocket's case studies prove their strategies significantly improve organic traffic, user engagement, and overall site performance.

"We were satisfied with the collaboration and the overall cost of their services."

Work Done: Netrocket team conducted an SEO performance analysis for the website, optimized on- and off-page elements, performed keyword research, optimized meta tags, and built backlinks.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, PPC
  • Industries: Business services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Medical
  • Top Clients: MyFlyRight, WeAreWeb, Illya Kitchens, BusinessVisit, Zima Magazine, NearSens, TelemetryTV
  • Awards: Clutch Top SEO Company 2024, GoodFirms Best SEO Services, The Manifest Most Reviewed SEO Company 
  • Price Range: $50 - $99/hr
  • Company Size: 10 - 49
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies seo services

Coalition Technologies is one of the leading SEO and digital marketing companies in the United States. They offer SEO, email marketing, web design, and paid advertising services. Since its founding in 2009, the company has built a strong portfolio of over 780 case studies that prove its results-oriented approach and commitment to driving growth for businesses across various industries.

  • Service Lines - 70% SEO
  • SEO Focus - 20% On-Page SEO
  • Clutch Reviews: 4.8 stars from 112 reviews on Clutch
  • Case Studies: SEO for Bing Maps Platform by Microsoft, SEO Improvements for The Roku Channel
  • Client Testimonial by Generous Coffee:

"They work quickly and efficiently and produce such great work."

Work Done: Coalition Technologies conducted keyword research, created and optimized content, generated analytics reports, and other SEO-related activities.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Web Design, Web Development
  • Industries: Retail, eCommerce, Financial Services, Legal Cannabis, Advertising & Marketing, Arts, Entertainment & Music, Business Services, Consumer Products & Services, Dental, Education, Information Technology, Legal, Media, Medical
  • Top Clients: PayPal, Natori, Harvard, Whataburger, Pink Lily, Native Union, Ford, Jack Daniels
  • Awards: Clutch Champion Fall 2023, Top SEO Company 2023, UpCity Top Digital Agency 2023, Manifest Most Reviewed SEO Company Los Angeles 
  • Price Range: $50 - $99/hr
  • Company Size: 50 - 249
  • Location: Culver City, CA, USA

Big Leap

Coalition Technologies seo services

Big Leap is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, content marketing, social media, and paid advertising. The company was founded in 2008 and has grown from a one-person startup to a trusted digital marketing and SEO agency with over 80 employees. They are focused on organic growth and the long-term success of their clients. A 95% customer retention rate proves that the company delivers consistent results and earns the trust and loyalty of its customers.

  • Service Lines - 75% SEO
  • SEO Focus - 15% On-Page SEO
  • Clutch Reviews: 4.8 stars from 77 reviews on Clutch
  • Case Studies: 6,694 Increase in keyword positions for CORE, 192% increase in organic traffic for Florida Notary Association
  • Client Testimonial by Aviv Clinics:

"They are very much involved in what we do and always listen to our needs."

Work Done: Big Leap provided SEO and content marketing services to a healthcare company. Their responsibilities included conducting keyword research, writing and optimizing blog posts, building links, optimizing the website, and promoting the brand.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click
  • Industries: Business Services, Information Technology, Medical, eCommerce, Consumer Products & Services, Education, Hospitality & Leisure, Retail
  • Top Clients: Avis Budget Car Rental, Visionworks, Nu Skin, Empire Today, Workfront, Alphagraphics, Purple Mattress, Vivint
  • Awards: Clutch Top 1000 Companies Global 2020, Inc 5000 2019 
  • Price Range: $100 - $149/hr
  • Company Size: 50 - 249
  • Location: Lehi, UT, USA

Straight North

Straight North seo services

Straight North is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps B2B and B2C companies improve their online presence and increase revenue. Their approach combines technical knowledge and creative strategies in SEO, PPC, web design, and development. The company has a team of over 100 experts and a customer retention rate of 95%. Their diverse portfolio and success stories highlight their impressive results across various industries.

  • Service Lines - 70% SEO
  • SEO Focus - 20% On-Page SEO
  • Clutch Reviews: 4.7 stars from 123 reviews on Clutch
  • Case Studies: 93% organic traffic increase for Acieta, 2,400% conversion increase for Agency EA
  • Client Testimonial by Current Midwest:

"I went back through the original scope, and they exceeded expectations for what they promised."

Work Done: Straight North specialists analyzed competitors, identified content gaps, conducted keyword research, revised and added site content, and built backlinks.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Web Design and Development
  • Industries: Automotive, Business Services, Dental, Education, Financial Services, Hospitality & Leisure, Manufacturing, Medical, Real Estate, eCommerce
  • Top Clients: Keyence, Conduent, Donnelley Financial Solutions, Clover Network, First Data, Fiserv, Nicor Gas, Hub Group, UPS, HomeAdvisor, Harvard, Trustwave
  • Awards: UpCity Excellence Award Top 1& North America 
  • Price Range: $100 - $149/hr
  • Company Size: 50 - 249
  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Infront Webworks

Infront Webworks seo services

Infront Webworks is a reputable digital agency boasting over two decades of experience in helping businesses thrive online. They are known for their data-driven services, primarily focusing on website design and development, SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and content creation. With a team of about 50 skilled professionals, Infront Webworks delivers tailored strategies to enhance online visibility, drive traffic, and maximize conversions for their clients.

"At all levels of the company, they truly listen and they are extremely responsive."

Work Done: Infront Webworks addressed technical errors on a website before commencing SEO efforts. They focused on improving keyword rankings using a provided list of keywords.

  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Web Design
  • Industries: eCommerce, Business Services, Retail, Dental, Medical, Advertising & Marketing, Arts, Entertainment & Music, Automotive, Consumer Products & Services
  • Top Clients: YMCA (Denver, Pueblo, Boulder), Goodwill, GE Johnson, Harley Davidson, Abba Eye Care, Hospice Analytics, Premier Urgent Care
  • Awards: Global Marketing Awards 2020 Winner, US Search Awards 2018 Winner, Best SEO Company for Small Business 2018
  • Price Range: $100 - $149/hr
  • Company Size: 10 - 49
  • Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA

How to Choose the Best On-Page SEO Service Providers for Your Business

Choosing the right on-page SEO service provider is a decision that can impact the success of your online business. Let's discuss the key factors you should consider to choose the best on-page SEO partner for your business.

  • Communication and Reporting: Ensure that the service provider you choose maintains open lines of communication and provides regular and transparent reporting on campaign performance and progress.
  • Budget and Pricing Assessment: Set clear budget parameters and compare pricing structures among potential service providers. Choose an agency that offers the best value for money at the lowest cost.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Look for on-page SEO service providers that offer customizable solutions to suit your needs. Flexibility to adapt to your requirements is important for a long-term partnership.
  • Consultations and Proposals: Request consultation and proposals from shortlisted SEO agencies. Use these opportunities to ask questions, clarify expectations, and evaluate compatibility with your business goals.

Best On-Page SEO Service Companies - FAQ

1. What Services Do On-Page SEO Companies Typically Offer?

On-page SEO companies typically offer services that directly optimize elements on your website. These services include keyword optimization of content and meta tags, improvement of internal linking between pages, and high-quality content creation. The goal is to start ranking with target keywords in search engine results and increase website traffic. 

2. How Do I Choose the Right On-Page SEO Company for My Business?

To choose the right on-page SEO company, consider their expertise, client feedback on review platforms like Clutch, and their approach to SEO. Look for companies with a strong track record in your specific industry, a rich portfolio, and a high client satisfaction rate. Select a company that has an effective communication and transparent reporting policy. 

3. How Do On-Page SEO Companies Measure The Success Of Their Strategies?

On-page SEO companies measure the success of their strategies by using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and other SEO tools. These tools help monitor KPIs like search engine rankings, organic traffic, click-through, bounce, and conversion rates. Then, they create regular reports to assess the effectiveness of the SEO strategies implemented and make adjustments as needed.

Maria Harutyunyan

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