Top 6 Blogger Outreach Companies in 2024

May 7, 2024
| Maria Harutyunyan
| 10 min read
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Blogger outreach is a great way to earn valuable, high-quality backlinks, boost your search engine rankings and performance, and drive organic traffic to your website.

As easy as it might seem, the odds of doing it non-efficiently and, ultimately, incorrectly are very high. That’s why we compiled a list of the best blogger outreach companies to make your work easier and free you from the necessity of doing tedious research.

No sponsorship or favoritism was involved in making this list.

Best Blogger Outreach Services

  • Loopex Digital
  • Disruptive Advertising
  • Straight North
  • SeoProfy 
  • Directive 
  • SEOWerkz

Selection Criteria: How We Picked the Best Blogger Outreach Companies

We thoroughly evaluated the blogger outreach services available on the market. You can see the selection criteria for compiling the final list below:

1. We looked up SEO service providers on Clutch (50,000+ results) and filtered the ones offering link-building services, ensuring they comprised more than 25% of their service portfolio. We then filtered the sponsored results away.

2. Further applied the following filters:

  • They should have evaluations from at least 30 satisfied customers across various review sites (most had over 50 total reviews).
  • They should have a total Clutch rating of 4.8 or better.
  • No entirely negative reviews should be present.
  • Reliable portfolio showcasing extensive and real link-building experience.
  • We meticulously examined the individual customer reviews to determine that each company has a team with the knowledge and abilities to produce scalable outcomes. Also, they encourage a working culture and provide cross-functional teams with professionals dedicated to enhancing client business outcomes.

3. We were left with 61 results, so we evaluated their blogger outreach campaigns by looking at the blogs on which those service providers, their spokespeople, or their founders have been featured, as that is a legitimate indicator of the quality of the blogger outreach service.

The combination of these criteria led to the selection of the blogger outreach companies featured in this guide. No sponsorship was involved in this process, and real people, not algorithms, thoroughly investigated the vendors.

Complete List of the Top 5 Best Blogger Outreach Services

Below, you can see the complete overview of the companies offering blogger outreach services, including their Clutch rating, featured publications/blogs, and pricing.

LOOPEX DIGITAL 5/5 Shopify, ATHEMS, Oberlo Forbes, Mangools Blog, SE Rankings >$1,000
DISRUPTIVE ADVERTISING 4.8/5 Procurify, Adobe, First Lite, Litter Robot Search Engine Journal, Consulting Success, Entrepreneur >$5,000
STRAIGHT NORTH 4.8/5 Affy Tapple, Clover, fiderv., ATS Forbes, HuffPost, Search Engine Journal, Moz >$1,000
SEOPROFY 5/5 jooble, FXTM, AutoDoc, Preply, Yolo Search Engine Land, Practical Ecommerce >$5,000
DIRECTIVE 4.8/5 Adobe, Amazon, Uber Freight, Zoominfo Marketing Land, Moz, Ahrefs, Search Engine Journal >$5,000
SEOWERKZ 4.8/5 Countryside Landscapes Forbes >$1,000

Loopex Digital

Loopex Digital blogger outreach services

Clutch Rating: 5.0

Expertise: Loopex Digital is a hands-on SEO agency that offers a full range of SEO services, including on-site optimization, link building, blogger outreach, and digital PR services.

We implement a blogger outreach strategy exclusively tailored for your website instead of offering predefined SEO packages.

The link-building specialists of Loopex Digital earn backlinks by genuinely contacting handpicked niche bloggers and personalizing the blogger outreach to promote a high response rate.

Further, the blogger websites are manually checked for relevance, authority, and influence. After which, the niche-specialized writers create original, well-researched content consistent with clients’ brand expertise.

Prominent Clients: Shopify, ATHEMS, Oberlo

Featured Publications: Loopex Digital’s co-founder and main spokesperson Maria Harutyunyan’s articles have been featured in digital publications, such as Forbes, Mangools Blog, and SE Rankings.


Pricing: Loopex Digital offers customizable link-building packages in different pricing tiers.

Client Testimonials: Clients appreciate Loopex Digital for their effective strategies that have significantly increased keyword rankings, domain authority, and web traffic growth month by month. They value the team's professionalism, industry expertise, and clear communication.

client feedback about Loopex Digital's services

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising blogger outreach services

Clutch Rating: 4.8

Expertise: Disruptive Advertising is a multi-faceted Digital marketing agency that offers a full range of SEO, PPC, and Lifecycle Marketing services, including on-site optimization, link building, social media and display ads, landing page optimization, email management, etc.

They reject siloed strategies, prioritizing long-term client partnerships over client acquisition, and emphasize retaining and developing top marketing talent. The company distinguishes itself by committing to staying on the cutting edge of marketing advancements and avoiding pitfalls such as drowning in platform updates or lacking visibility in strategy execution.

Prominent Clients: Procurify, Adobe, First Lite, Litter Robot, Crossover Symmetry

Featured Publications: Disruptive Advertising’s CEO Jacob Baadsgaard’s articles have been featured in digital publications, such as Search Engine Journal, Consulting Success, Value Prop, and Entrepreneur.


Pricing: Disruptive Advertising’s service packages are not freely available, but their minimum project size is indicated as $5,000, and the most common project size starts from $10,000, according to the information on Clutch.

Client Testimonials: Clients praise Disruptive Advertising for their exceptional results in increasing leads, ROAS, and overall business growth. The team's clear communication, comprehensive digital marketing approach, and responsiveness stand out, ensuring timely delivery and a deep understanding of the client's needs. 

client feedback about Disruptive Advertising's services

Straight North

Straight North blogger outreach services

Clutch Rating: 4.8

Expertise: Straight North is a digital marketing agency providing SEO, paid advertising, web design/development, and creative services for businesses of various types and sizes. Their solutions are designed to help the business attract customers, drive sales, increase eCommerce revenue and generate sales leads.

Straight North provides SEO services to B2B, B2C, eCommerce, local, national, and small businesses and enterprises. They also have a creative services team that produces many traditional marketing and communication materials that effectively promote brands, products, and services.

Prominent Clients: Affy Tapple, Clover, fiderv., ATS

Featured Publications: Straight North’s COO Aaron Wittersheim’s articles are featured in PR Daily,, and All Tech Magazine. Also, it’s mentioned on their website that their articles have been published in Forbes, HuffPost, Smashing Magazine, Search Engine Journal, and Moz.


Pricing: Straight North’s service packages are not freely available, but their minimum project size is indicated as $1,000, and the most common project size starts from $10,000, according to the information on Clutch.

Client Testimonials: Clients consistently praise Straight North for their exceptional performance in meeting monthly goals, delivering high-quality work promptly, and maintaining open communication channels via email and Zoom. The team's proactive approach and valuable suggestions contribute to project success, leaving clients satisfied with their engagement.

client feedback about Streight North services


SEOProfy blogger outreach services

Clutch Rating: 5

Expertise: SeoProfy is a digital marketing agency focusing on search engine optimization based on an advanced data-driven SEO approach. They offer full-scale SEO services, including On- and Off-page SEO for enterprise-level companies, International SEO, and SEO Audits.

Additionally, they build relationships with influencers across various industries: fintech, IT outsourcing, auto insurance, dating, gaming, pharmacy, real estate, and more. They now have a database of over 100,000 website owners and influencers.

Prominent Clients: jooble, FXTM, AutoDoc, Preply, Yolo

Featured Publications: SeoProfy’s CEO Victor Karpenko’s articles are featured in Search Engine Land and Practical Ecommerce


Pricing: SeoProfy’s service packages are not freely available, but their minimum project size is indicated as $5,000, and the most common project size starts from $10,000, according to the information on Clutch.

Client Testimonials: SeoProfy receives consistent praise for its impressive results in driving organic traffic growth, meeting client expectations, and resolving SEO issues effectively. Clients admire the team's professionalism, strategic insights, and timely recommendations.

client feedback about SeoProfy services


Directive blogger outreach services

Clutch Rating: 4.8

Expertise: Directive is a Digital Marketing agency specializing in serving tech companies, committed to delivering tangible results. They construct marketing strategies designed for sustained growth using their Customer Generation methodology. Breaking through efficiency barriers, they aim to secure long-term customers and users, ensuring alignment with revenue goals through financial modeling. The company values prioritize people, transparency, ownership, diversity, proactive communication, and client priority, emphasizing a balanced approach in their operations. Their service portfolio includes SEO, PPC, and Web Design.

Prominent Clients: Adobe, Amazon, Uber Freight, Zoominfo, Snap Inc. 

Featured Publications: Directive’s SEO Garrett Mehrguth has been featured in prominent digital publications, such as Salesforce, Marketing Land, Moz, Marketo, Search Engine Land, Ahrefs, Convince & Convert, Search Engine Journal, and more. He also speaks at Digital Summit, State of Search, General Assembly, MozCon, etc. 


Pricing: Directive’s service packages are not freely available, but their minimum project size is indicated as $5,000, and the most common project size starts from $10,000, according to the information on Clutch.

Client Testimonials: Directive consistently receives praise for their effective efforts in increasing lead generation year over year and providing new sales opportunities through various channels. Clients commend the team for their timely delivery, adaptation to communication preferences, and deep understanding of the target audience.

client feedback about Directive

SEO Werkz

SEO Werkz blogger outreach services

Clutch Rating: 4.8

Expertise: SEO Werkz is an internet marketing agency focusing on effectively positioning businesses in search engine results. With a comprehensive suite of services, including web design, SEO, and PPC, they aim to maximize online visibility in the dynamic landscape of search engine updates and growing online competition.

Founded on three core principles, SEO Werkz emphasizes transparency, results, and loyalty. They maintain transparency by clearly communicating their work and deliverables, demystifying the process of SEO, and showcasing the tangible efforts involved. Results are achieved by adhering to search engine algorithms, ensuring their methodology aligns with proven principles to drive success. The agency tracks and reports calls to demonstrate return on investment swiftly.

Prominent Clients: Countryside Landscapes, William Rawlings & Associates, First Steps Childcare

Featured Publications: Several articles written by SEOWerkz representatives have been published in Forbes


Pricing: SEOWekrz’s service packages are not freely available, but according to information on Clutch, their minimum project size is $1,000, and the most common project size starts from $10,000.

Client Testimonials: SEO Werkz consistently impresses clients with their effective SEO efforts, significantly improving keyword rankings and visibility. Clients appreciate the team's dedication, efficiency, and open communication throughout the partnership.

client feedback about SEO Werkz

Common Issues with Blogger Outreach

  1. Bloggers are spammed with backlink requests

The significance of backlinks is well-known among website owners. Consequently, even smaller blogs receive numerous outreach messages each week. Unfortunately, many of these communications are generic, mass outreach emails lacking personalization beyond an automated inclusion of the website name at the email's outset. This often leads bloggers to disregard the majority of incoming outreach messages.

  1. The value of quality backlinks has attracted spammers

The high value associated with quality backlinks has created a market where people are willing to pay for them. Bloggers who respond positively to outreach often request payment for link placement, a reasonable expectation given that you benefit from the link. However, determining when a link is worth paying for becomes a challenge. Making an incorrect judgment may result in a budget spent on links that do not significantly impact performance. While legitimate blogs charge for links, the prevalence of link-building scams, private blog networks (PBNs), and link farms primarily aiming to generate revenue by linking to other sites complicates the evaluation process. This difficulty is amplified when relying on a website's domain rating as the sole criterion for assessing its quality.

How to Choose the Best Blogger Outreach Companies

Picking the right blogger outreach company is a big deal for SEO efforts. Here are some things you should check:

  • Reputation and Track Record: Go for companies that people say good things about and have a history of doing successful campaigns. Look at what past clients say to see if they're happy with the company's work.
  • Industry Know-How: Ensure the company understands what your business is about and who your customers are. They should know how to talk to your crowd and make your brand shine.
  • Transparency: Ask them how they do their outreach and how they keep you in the loop about how things are going. Clear communication and regular updates are essential, so you know what's happening with your campaigns.
  • Blogger Quality: Check out the bloggers they team up with. Are they a good fit for your brand? Do people like what they post? You want influencers who vibe with your brand and can talk about it in a way that feels real to their followers.
  • Budget Stuff: Money matters, but don't just look at the price tag. Think about what you're getting for your money. Consider the long-term benefits and how much bang you get for your buck.
  • Experience and Skills: See how long they've been in the game and what kind of stuff they're good at. A team that knows the digital world well can handle any hiccups and get you remarkable results.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Look for a company that can tailor their approach to what you need. Things change fast online, so having a team that can adapt and switch things up when needed is vital.

By keeping an eye on these points, you can pick a blogger outreach crew that fits your brand and goals and knows how to level up your digital marketing moves.

The Bottom Line

Engaging in blogger outreach is more complex than it may seem, and attempting it independently risks making mistakes that could potentially harm your website.

That's why we recommend employing a blogger outreach company to execute your campaign on your behalf, as they have relevant experience, having built relationships with reputable and authoritative blogs over the years.

Discover more about our blogger outreach service and explore our customer reviews to witness our blogger outreach service in action.


What is blogger outreach services?

Blogger outreach services are when SEO companies reach out to influencer niche bloggers to publish guest posts on their blogs. After negotiating terms, SEO specialists craft informative articles, which are then published on these blogs, helping clients earn valuable backlinks.

Is blogger outreach backlinks safe?

Yes, blogger outreach backlinks can be safe if done correctly. It's important to make sure that the process is ethical and follows the rules set by search engines to avoid any potential problems with your website's ranking.

How effective is blog outreach?

Blog outreach can be very effective for boosting your online presence. By connecting with bloggers in your industry, you can reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. However, the effectiveness depends on factors like the quality of content, the relevance of the blogger's audience to your target market, and the strength of the relationship between you and the blogger. Overall, when done well, blog outreach can significantly benefit your business.

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