Podcast Boom: Must-Know Stats and Trends for 2024

June 26, 2024
Maria Harutyunyan
| 10 Min Read
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Podcasts have become very popular in recent years, and it looks like they'll be even more in 2024.

In this research, we've collected some exciting podcast statistics, including the number of podcasts available, the size of the listening audience, current trends, and other noteworthy historical facts.

Top Podcast Statistics

  • Over 414 million podcasts exist globally.
  • The market is currently valued at $23.56 billion, reflecting the industry's robust expansion.
  • Around 1 in 4 internet users listen to podcasts.
  • 66% of consumers today prefer podcasts over TV.
  • Joe Rogan is widely accepted as the most popular podcaster.

Podcast Statistics Worldwide

Recent data shows that more people are listening to podcasts worldwide across different age groups and regions. The variety of content and creative storytelling styles keep listeners engaged and interested in the medium's growth.

  • By 2023, there were over 464 million podcast listeners worldwide, projected to reach 504.9 million by 2024.
Number of Podcast Listeners

Podcast Listeners Statistics Per Country

Podcasts have captured hearts worldwide, yet some countries indulge more than others.

Podcast Listeners  Per Country

Podcast Audience Statistics in the US

The podcast audience in the US has shown remarkable growth over the last decade. 

  • In 2006, only 22% of the adult population in the United States was aware of podcasting. 
  • Starting from a modest 12% of Americans ages 12 and older listening to podcasts in the past month in 2013, this number rose to 42% in 2023. 
  • Weekly podcast listenership also increased from 7% in 2013 to 31% in 2023, showcasing a consistent upward trend in podcast engagement​​.
Podcast Audience Statistics in the U.S

Podcast Listeners Demographics

In this section, let’s dive into some interesting statistics about listeners' age and gender.

Podcast Listener Statistics by Age

  • Based on the age of podcast listeners worldwide in 2023, 48% are 12-34, 35% are 35-54, and 18% are over 55.
  • Based on the age of podcast listeners in the US in 2023, 36% are 12-34, 30% are 35-54, and 34% are over 55 years old.
  • Gen Z Discovers Podcasts twice as fast as other age groups. Younger groups of podcast listeners are also more likely than their elders to engage with podcasts in different ways, such as by following the podcast or its host(s) on social media or by trying something (like a movie or a lifestyle change) because of something they heard on a podcast.
  • 47% of Gen Z are monthly podcast listeners, 28% listen to podcasts nearly every day, 21% listen to podcasts for more than 10 hours a week, and 83% ever recommend podcasts to their friends or family.
  • Mental health is at the top of Gen Z's mind, and podcasts provide this outlet.
  • Gen Z takes action and engages with brands after hearing podcast ads.
Podcast Listener Statistics

Kids Podcast Listener Statistics

  • 63% of kids aged 6-12 are aware of podcasts.
  • 46% of kids aged 6-12 have ever listened to podcasts.
  • 74% agree that podcasts make family car rides more fun.
  • 94% of kids aged 6-12 who listened to a podcast in the last month say they learn new things from podcasts.

Podcast Listeners Statistics By Gender

  • In recent years, men have tended to listen to podcasts slightly more frequently than women. 
  • In 2023, the number of women podcast listeners has grown. 
  • However, overall, both genders contribute to a significant number of podcast listeners, resulting in a relatively balanced listenership between men and women.
Podcast Listener Statistics by Gender

How Do People Listen To Podcasts

  • People tune into podcasts using a variety of gadgets: tablets, digital music players, and voice-activated speakers.
  • Smartphones are the top pick for listening to podcasts, with 75% of people choosing them. 
  • Laptops and desktops are less popular, with only 13% of listeners using them. 
  • Regarding how we listen, 71% choose the privacy of headphones, while 29% enjoy listening through speakers with others.
How Do People Listen To Podcasts

When Do People Listen to Podcasts

Unlike TV or movies, podcast consumption allows consumers to keep their hands and eyes free, often enjoyed alongside other activities. What situations do people typically listen to podcasts in?

  • 49% listen to podcasts while doing household chores (e.g., cleaning, tidying up, doing the dishes).
  • 42% listen to podcasts while commuting to/from work (e.g., driving yourself or using public transport).
  • 29% listen to podcasts while working out/doing sports.
  • 25% listen to podcasts while being out for a walk.
  • 21% listen to podcasts before going to sleep/while sleeping.
  • 15% listen to podcasts at work.
  • 14% listen to podcasts while eating.
  • 11% listen to podcasts while waiting in line (in the store, post office, coffee shop).

Why Do People Listen to Podcasts in the US

According to research conducted in 2022, the current podcast scene is vast and diverse, covering various topics ranging from sports and religion to politics and entertainment. This expansive landscape attracts numerous listeners, each drawn to podcasts for multiple reasons:

  • For encouragement and inspiration - 27%
  • To hear other people's opinions - 30%
  • While doing something else - 52%
  • For entertainment - 60%
  • To learn - 55%

Popular Podcast Genres Statistics in the US

Podcasts cover various genres, catering to diverse interests and preferences. From true crime and storytelling to comedy, education, and business, there's something for everyone in the podcasting world. 

  • Comedy is the most favored, with 22% of US podcast listeners interested in tuning in for laughs. Following closely behind are news, true crime, and sports, demonstrating the varied preferences among audiences.
Podcast Genres Statistics

Top Podcast Listening Apps Statistics

Preferred podcast listening platforms vary among individuals, with several options dominating the market. Whether on mobile or computer-based, Apple Podcasts remains a frontrunner, closely followed by Spotify. 

Here are the top 10, according to Buzzsprout’s podcast statistics:

Top Podcast Listening Apps Statistics

Most Popular Podcast Platforms Statistics

  • Spotify is the biggest podcast platform, with a 33.7% share.
  • Following closely behind, Apple Podcasts commands a substantial 27.6% share. It is favored by iOS users worldwide for accessing their preferred shows, securing its position as the second-largest podcast streaming platform.
  • Other significant players in the podcast streaming space include iHeartRadio with a 6.2% share, Google Podcasts with 3.6%, Amazon Music with 2.7%, and CastBox with 1.5%.

Number of Apple and Spotify podcast listeners in the United States from 2020 to 2024 

  • 32.5 million people in the United States were said to listen to podcasts on Spotify in 2022. That year, Apple had 28.5 million podcast listeners. 
  • Spotify's and Apple's figures were projected to increase to 42.4 million and 29.2 million by 2025.
Number of Apple and Spotify podcast listeners in the United States from 2020 to 2024

Top 5 Most Listed Podcasts Statistics on Spotify in the US

  • Spotify hosts over 5 million podcasts, indicating its significant role in audio content beyond music​​.
  • Podcasts are top-rated among younger audiences, with Gen Z and millennials engaging deeply with audio content. They consider podcasts a compelling storytelling medium​​.

Here are the top 5 popular podcasts on Spotify of 2024 in the US:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience
  2. Call Her Daddy
  3. Mind the Game with LeBron and JJ Redick
  4. The Tucker Carlson Podcast
  5. Prettyxunfiltered

Top 5 Most Listed Podcasts Statistics on Apple Podcasts in the US

  • Active Podcasts: 2,757,012 on Apple Podcasts by 2024.
  • Host Preference: 96% list their shows on Apple Podcasts.
  • Categories: 110 total, with new subcategories like Mental Health.
  • Episodes: Over 71 million; most in Spirituality and Religion.
  • Market Share: Apple at 26.9%, behind Spotify’s 33.7%.

Here are the top 5 popular podcasts on Apple Podcasts of 2023 in the US:

  1. The Bill Simmons Podcast
  2. Ghost Story 
  3. Morrison Mysteries
  4. Heavyweight
  5. The Thing About Helen & Olga

Video Podcast Statistics

In recent years, video podcasts, also known as vodcasts, have gained significant traction due to their ability to deliver a unique blend of audio and visual content tailored to a diverse audience. This surge in video podcast popularity aligns with the overarching growth of the podcasting industry.

Major platforms like Spotify and Apple have embraced video podcasting features, indicating substantial market potential for this format.

Here are noteworthy statistics regarding video podcasts:

  • A survey conducted by podcast hosts found that only 17% of podcast hosts incorporate video recording alongside their audio episodes.
  • The survey revealed that a mere 10% of podcasters opt for live broadcasts.
  • The escalating number of video podcasts is evident. In November 2022, the Podcast Index listed 39,194 video podcasts, which surged to over 50,800 by May 2023.

Joe Rogan Experience Is The #1 Podcast In The World

Over its 14-year existence, The Joe Rogan Experience has amassed 2,355 episodes. This impressive count encompasses various editions such as the regular JRE podcasts, JRE MMA Shows, Fight Companions, and Fight Recaps/Breakdowns, as well as podcasts recorded on a Plane, in a Car, in Paradise, or in a Hotel Room, alongside specials like Joe Rogan Questions Everything, among others.

  • JRE #1530 with Duncan Trussell is the most extended JRE podcast of all time. It was released on August 31, 2020, and is 5 hours and 19 minutes long.
  • The top 10 most watched episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on YouTube account for around 368 million views.
Joe Rogan

You know that famous clip where Elon Musk smoked a joint? It occurred during one of Joe Rogan's podcasts and became a pretty memorable moment, turning into a meme as well.

Joe Rogan and Elon Musk

Animated series podcasts overview

Many podcasters are constantly seeking creative and engaging methods to expand their audience. Converting audio into a cartoon is not only entertaining but also incredibly intriguing.

  • Growing Interest: Animated series podcasts are increasingly popular, reflecting the rising demand for animated content.
  • Diverse Content: These podcasts offer a variety of topics, from reviews to behind-the-scenes discussions, catering to diverse audience interests.
  • Audience Engagement: Fans actively participate in discussions and provide feedback, often using social media platforms to interact with hosts.
  • Variety of Platforms: Animated series podcasts can be found on major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Netflix, as well as specialized ones like Stitcher and Podbean.

The Midnight Gospel podcast show

  • On March 11, 2024, The Midnight Gospel ranked the #1029 most popular show online and the #185 most popular TV show on Netflix. 
  • This eight-episode animated sci-fi show, created by Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward, is an adaptation of Duncan Trussell's Family Hour podcast. Comedian and writer Duncan Trussell's podcast delved into spirituality, religion, and philosophy.
  • Released on Netflix on April 20, 2020, it is the first animated production from Ward for Netflix. 
  • It sets actual podcast interviews between Trussell and various guests into surrealistic adventures, typically telling a story alongside the real podcast audio through the environment and extra voice work by Trussell and the guests of the original podcast.

Statistics on the Top Podcasts' Download Numbers

  1. Spotify: Leads with 39,577,771 downloads, accounting for 36.6% of all downloads.
  2. Apple Podcasts: Follows closely with 36,496,629 downloads, representing 33.8% of the total downloads.
  3. Web Browser: Records 6,289,202 downloads, making up 5.8%.
  4. Apple iTunes: Has 2,516,976 downloads, constituting 2.3% of the overall downloads.
  5. Google Podcasts: Achieved 2,127,987 downloads, approximately 2.0% of the total downloads.
  6. Buzzsprout Embed Player: Total 2,033,049 downloads, or 1.9% of all downloads.
  7. Castbox: Amasses 1,880,608 downloads, around 1.7% of the total.
  8. Pocket Casts: Gathers 1,261,687 downloads, about 1.2% of the total.
  9. Overcast: Notches 1,226,207 downloads, just over 1.1% of the total.
  10. Your Buzzsprout Site: Hosts 999,272 downloads, nearly 0.9% of the total downloads.

Statistics on Podcast's Cultural Impact and Industries

  • The release of the "Barbie" film triggered a 967% increase in related podcast streams on Spotify, demonstrating podcasts' power to amplify cultural events.
  • 58% of Gen Z listeners view podcasts as their primary connection to modern culture, underscoring the medium's relevance to younger demographics.
  • During the Eurovision Song Contest, related podcast streams surged by 492%, showing podcasts' ability to engage audiences with current events.
  • Advertisements in podcasts benefit from the medium's intimate nature. 58% of listeners' engagement with a podcast translates to the ad experience. Additionally, 1 in 10 listeners who visit an advertiser's site after a podcast ad make a purchase.

Podcast Marketing Statistics

Podcast ads are booming, showing advertisers trust the medium. With diverse listeners spanning all ages and interests, marketers can pinpoint their target audience. Plus, listeners are super engaged, tuning in while driving or doing chores. Studies prove podcast ads stick in people's minds better than digital ads, leading to higher conversion rates. With customizable ad formats like host-read ads and branded podcasts, ads feel natural and less disruptive.

  • 2021: Podcasting has become a billion-dollar industry.
  • 2022 Digital Ad Market Growth: 12% increase.
  • 2022 Podcasting Ad Revenue Growth: 26% increase, outpacing the overall digital ad market.
  • 2023: Expected podcasting revenue in the US is $2.3 billion, a 24.8% increase from the previous year.
Podcast Marketing

Podcast Trust, Engagement, and Authority 

Podcast marketing is a fantastic way to build trust and expertise in advertising. Podcasts create a special connection with listeners, feeling like a personal conversation. For creators, they're a chance to share knowledge and stories, establishing themselves as leaders in their field.

  • Podcasts are becoming trusted sources of news and information
  • On average, fans listen to 9 weekly episodes, with about 19% tuning into 11 or more shows. 
  • A 2022 survey shows that 68% of listeners stick around for the episode.
  • In 2021, global podcast listeners surpassed 1.7 billion, showcasing the medium's growing popularity. 
  • A survey found that 62% of podcast listeners will likely buy a product or service advertised during a podcast. 
  • A podcast receives about 130 downloads per episode in the first 30 days.

Statistics on Podcast Monetization Strategies

Podcast advertising has proven to be a highly effective monetization strategy, showcasing remarkable engagement and action from listeners.

These statistics illustrate the robust potential of podcast advertising as a monetization strategy, supported by high listener engagement, expansive audience growth, and substantial revenue opportunities.

  • Podcast ads grab people's attention: 64% of listeners focus entirely on them, and 95% take action afterward. 
  • It's a diverse crowd tuning in, too, with Millennials leading the pack, Gen Z's numbers quickly climbing, and listeners over 55 increasing by 22% in just two years. This wide range of listeners opens up many possibilities for brands to connect with different audiences. 
  • Ad options vary from quick 15 to 60-second spots to more tailored segments and even full episode sponsorships. 
  • 46% of listeners say that compared to other formats, podcast ads are “not intrusive at all.”

Also, when companies add podcasts to their marketing strategies, they often see better results across the board, proving that podcast ads work well alongside other types of advertising.

Impact of Podcasts on Purchasing Decisions

Studies have shown that podcast listeners are more likely to consider and purchase products or services advertised during podcasts, highlighting the significant impact of this medium on consumer behavior.

  • Podcasters are more influential than social media influencers.
  • 79% of listeners say podcasts motivate them to be better versions of themselves.
  • 86% of heavy listeners agree that podcasts motivate them to be better versions of themselves.
  • 68% say they have a deep connection with their favorite podcasters.
  • 77% Say they have made smarter decisions because of what they have heard in a podcast.
Impact of Podcasts on Purchasing Decisions

AI In The Podcast Industry Statistics

Recently, podcasting has been changing, especially with the rise of AI narration. This tech makes creating content easier and cheaper, as it can produce high-quality audio. Podcasters can use AI voices to read their scripts, giving their podcasts a professional sound even on a tight budget.

  • In 2021, AI technology-enabled 80% of marketers to dedicate more time to creative tasks within podcasting.
  • Over 70% of B2B marketers intend to boost their utilization of AI tools for podcast marketing in 2021.
  • Approximately 60% of advertisers are contemplating the adoption of AI for personalized podcast ad experiences.
  • More than half of Spotify users discover new podcasts through its AI-driven recommendation engine.
  • Nearly half (49%) of podcasters use AI to generate topic ideas.
  • The most popular tools among podcasters include Whisper, Chat GPT, Descript, and podcastmarketing.ai.
  • Around 40% of podcasters use AI tools to improve their podcasts, especially in tasks like episode transcription and personalized content creation.
  • About 57% of podcast listeners have tried AI-powered features like personalized recommendations or voice controls, which enhance the listening experience and keep audiences engaged.

The Benefits of Using AI For Podcasts

One key benefit of using AI in podcasting is cost savings. AI can cut podcasting costs by up to 50% by automating transcription, editing, and audience analysis tasks.

  • AI voice synthesis aids those with visual impairments by converting written text into spoken words, facilitating easier access to audio content.
  • AI voice synthesis swiftly creates diverse audio content, eliminating the need for human voice actors and enabling multilingual podcasts.
  • AI voice synthesis cuts costs for podcasters by removing expenses related to voice actors, recording equipment, and post-production editing.

What are the Negative Impacts of AI For Podcasts

  • Technology has become so advanced that it can produce audio files indistinguishable from human voices. This raises concerns about the spread of false information or propaganda using AI-generated content, which could harm society.
  • Advancements in technology allow for replacing human voice actors with AI-generated voices, potentially leading to job losses in the voice-over industry.
  • AI voice synthesis sometimes needs more authenticity and emotional depth of a human voice, resulting in robotic-sounding content lacking the warmth and personal touch that human voices provide. Though technology has improved significantly, there's still a noticeable gap.
  • AI voice synthesis enables the creation of audio recordings using people's voices without their consent, raising privacy concerns.


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