20 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Ideas

For This Season 2022

A curated list of the best Halloween marketing campaigns
of all time that spark inspiration.

Offline Halloween Marketing Campaigns

1. Organize in-store Halloween Set up

Expert Comment:
Physical stores can create a Halloween mood by getting scary elements on shelves, at the store entrance, and in unexpected places. This will encourage people to enter the store, take pictures and share on social media.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: TESCO - in-store setup
A Tesco supermarket in London had some spooky fun with their customers this year with haunted shopping cards, bloody severed hands in the freezer, and ghostly heads hiding behind the paper towels. They used hidden cameras to record the customers’ reactions and share them with the Internet. Besides, the video teaches the viewers how to re-create some of the effects used in the prank. Within just a few days, the video generated more than a million views.

Tesco Ad
Photo from Wise Stamp

2. Launch Limited-Edition Treats for the Spooky Season

Expert Comment:
If you are a candy brand, don’t miss the chance to boost sales on Halloween as everyone is out Trick-or-Treating. Spice up your regular packaging with spooky designs and come up with fun names for the rebranded products.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Nestlé  - ‘scary’ Smarties
Nestlé’s Smarties brand launched limited-edition Halloween candies called “Scaries”. The candies are the rebranded “creepy” version of the famous chocolate treat.

Source: Better Printing
Picture Retrieved from Foodbev

Inspiration: M&M - Spooky ghoul-inspired package
M&M’s ghoul-inspired package design is another candy rebranding example, which has attracted a higher volume of customers due to its conceptual and creative design that screams Halloween!

Source: Kimp
Picture from App Institute

3. Use Iconic Tv-Shows & Movies for Halloween-themed Store Parties

Expert Comment:
Take inspiration from current trendy TV shows or movies to throw the perfect Halloween party at your store. Recreate the film’s scenery, and decor and invite entertainers to attract more visitors.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: The Stranger Things In-Store Experience by Topshop
In 2017, Topshop, the famous clothing brand, teamed up with Netflix to treat its customers with a fabulous immersive experience  based on the iconic sci-fi mystery, Stranger Things. In one of its London stores, the retailer created familiar  settings from the show such as Joyce's living room, the Hawkins lab, and more. Besides witnessing the immersive, supernatural experience,  the store visitors could shop an exclusive Stranger Things collection.
Watch on YouTube - Link

Source MarketSplash

4. Drum Up Halloween Excitement around Your Signature Product by Making Little Halloween Tweaks

Expert Comment:
Just a few tweaks to your signature product can create the desired Halloween spirit. Refresh your classic product by incorporating a seasonal color scheme and designs to spark interest and a sense of exclusivity among your customers.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Nike – Halloween sneakers
Halloween-themed candy packaging with skeletons and ghosts are quite common, while special edition Nike sneakers with Halloween vibes are something else. Nike’s black, cream, and orange seasonal sneakers with glow-in-the-dark overlay, an illuminated outsole, and a spider on the insole have generated a lot of hype around them, becoming an object for anticipation and excitement every Halloween season!

Nike Sneakers
Source Nike

5. Initiate Clever Brand Collaborations for Winning Halloween Campaigns & Better Sales 

Expert Comment:
Reach out to brands with partnership offers for the Halloween season.  With joint efforts, you can bring new value to customers and broaden your audience. Remember, your partner’s success is yours too!
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Lego Star Wars & Disney Collab
Brand collaborations are powerful, especially those of global giants! One amazing partnership example that generated a lot of hype and massive marketing results was when Lego released Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales that streamed on Disney+. Together with the trailer of the new Halloween special, Lego Star Wars produced a series of five shorts with funny Halloween-themed plots. Although we’re talking giants here, less famous brands can benefit from collaborations with other brands as well! At the end of the day, what a successful Halloween partnership takes is joint artistic effort, willingness to collaborate, and a clever idea to implement.
Watch on YouTube - Link

Source: Popupsmart

6. Do a Limited Edition Giveaway with a Twist

Expert Comment:
Think of fun Halloween giveaway ideas with an interesting turn. Have your customers participate in a thrilling contest and win a prize conceptually related to your products.  
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Crest – #BringOnTheCandy Safes
Halloween is all about candies, more candies and well …cavities. It’s pretty obvious when you think about how much candy kids eat in the spooky season. This is what inspired the toothpaste brand Crest to come up with a genius Halloween campaign that appealed both to kids and their parents. They used the theme of protecting your candy (from parents!) and protecting your teeth (from cavities). Crest invited its customers to take part in a competition to win a limited edition Candy Safe that came together with Crest toothpaste. To qualify for the contest, the participants had to post on Instagram to share why their family prefers Crest toothpaste and why they want a Candy Safe.

Source: Business Wire

7. Combine Traditional Marketing with Interactive Digital Elements

Expert Comment:
Just rebranding your product packaging to make it frightfully spooky may no longer be enough to appeal to younger audiences. How about an epic QR code marketing campaign for your physical product?
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Fanta’s Scannable Halloween Graphics
A popular Halloween campaign by Fanta was featuring seasonal graphics on the packaging. The graphics could be scanned to Snapchat to get access to Halloween-themed filters. What’s interesting about the campaign is that it combined physical and digital elements, a tacit that had proved successful multiple times before. For example, in 2017 Fanta sales grew by 23% at convenience stores during the Halloween period. Well-thought-out content can be extremely powerful, especially when it’s interactive and trendy.

Source: Packaging News

8. Build Hype around your Brand with Extreme “Repulsive” Treats

Expert Comment:
For some reason, bizarre stuff sells! People love trying extreme products like weird cookies and repulsive candies.  How else would you explain those countless “trying weird candies” videos on YouTube. If you’re looking to get everyone talking about your brand, come up with a crazy limited-edition idea.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Skittles' Rotten Zombie Flavor Roulette
As trick or treating is everyone’s favorite part of the Halloween celebrations, candy brands do their best to come up with tasty (and at times crazy) flavor combinations. In 2019, Skittles, launched a limited edition Zombie skittles with 5 fruit flavors with spooky names (and one flavor which had an “utterly disgusting” taste. The fun part about tasting these candies is that it’s a game of chance whether you’ll get the regular candies or the repulsive one.

Source: Made By Extreme

9. Partner with a Creative Team to Hold an Unforgettable Halloween Show

Expert Comment:
Originality of thought and inventiveness go a long way. By putting in the artistic effort and resources into creating a truly timeless art show, your brand will go far beyond the regular marketing campaigns everyone is implementing.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Bacardi and Kenzo Digital’s Haunted House
A few years ago, Bacardi and Kenzo Digital collaborated to set up a haunted house in Brooklyn. The installation used innovative technologies and enchanting visual and auditory effects to captivate and frighten the guests, who left the house in awe.  Although just a couple of hundred people got the chance to experience the captivating installation, the artistic efforts created a huge hype around the brand. An unmatched multi-sensory experience, the project left everyone looking forward to what Bacardi might offer next. 

Bacardi and Kenzo
Source: Branding News

10. Don’t Give Away a Physical Prize, Give Away a Memorable Experience Instead

Expert Comment:
Regular giveaways and contests may be good, but you can’t really generate buzz around your name by using a standard tactic. If you want to go big, offer your audience an experience that’s worth competing for.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Airbnb - Sleep in Dracula’s Castle
While the prize Airbnb offered during their 2016 Halloween contest may not have been everyone’s piece of cake, it certainly was an impressive and, well, creepy as hell giveaway campaign. The contest winners were offered the opportunity to spend Halloween night in Dracula’s Castle in Romania. Unsurprisingly, this powerful campaign had everyone talking about Airbnb on social media and beyond.

Source: The Guardian

Online Halloween Marketing Campaigns

1. Engage your Target Audience with Branded Gamified Campaign and Increase Sales

Expert Comment:
Incorporate gamified content into your regular Halloween campaign.  The easy Scan-Play-Win formula is a clever step that encourages your customers to try your new edition product while having lots of fun playing a challenging game. 
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Burger King - branded games
Burger King, the famous fast-food chain, used a branded gamification campaign to boost the sales of their special Halloween Whopper burgers. Players could use the Burger King app to play the game and get access to different game scenarios with various challenges by scanning the codes on promotional burgers.

Burger King
Source: Peek and Poke

2. Start a Hilarious Halloween Prankvertising Campaign

Expert Comment:
Why are Pranks used in Marketing? Well, because they are extremely attention-grabbing. A good Halloween prankvertising campaign (done in a limit) has the potential of going viral and drawing attention to your brand.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Trulia – Halloween real estate marketing example
Trulia’s Halloween campaign of 2014  really got home buyers into the Halloween spirit….Their hilarious (creepy!) The Halloween marketing campaign  included a haunted house prank that went viral. Trulia pranked house buyers by setting up a house with falling books, scary screaming dolls, and a “dead grandma” in the bed. On their social media, Trulia shared different haunted houses each day. They also updated the maps on their site to highlight the most likely locations where zombies, ghosts, and vampires could be found.

Source: Wise Stamp

3. Create a Memorable Shopping Experience Through Virtual Reality 

Expert Comment:
Using virtual reality shopping as part of your Halloween campaign is a smart trick that will transform the customers’ shopping experience and persuade them to purchase your products.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Target – virtual reality experience
Target came up with an impressive virtual reality experience through YouTube video series that allowed viewers to explore haunted rooms, where they could shop for items that are part of the room decor. The 360-degree view of each room gave the users an astonishingly realistic experience. Besides, Target’s decision to include a little girl with leg braces and crutches in their Halloween advertisements generated a ton of positive reactions from customers.

Source: Wise Stamp

4. Encourage User-Generated Content on Social Media

Expert Comment:
Inspire your audience to use your product to create something from scratch.   They will be excited to share their works on social media, creating user-generated content for your brand.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Heinz – The Limited Edition "Tomato Blood"
In 2021, Heinz launched a limited edition ketchup named "Tomato Blood". It is the same classic ketchup but with a spooky label for a scary atmosphere. Heinz also opened a pop-up store where visitors could make special Halloween costumes using the limited-edition ketchup as fake blood. The ketchup brand encouraged its consumers to post photos of their blood-soaked Halloween costumes on social media, thus generating tons of user content.

Source: Market Splash
Picture from Heinz's Instagram Account

5. Make it About Your Customers, Make it About Diversity

Expert Comment:
You don’t necessarily have to go for scary skeletons, pumpkins and vampires to call it a Halloween campaign. Use your campaign to connect with people and stand up for what is important for your audience. 
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Dress To Be Free By Bacardi 
“Some people dress to fit in, others dress to be free”. Bacardi's 2017 campaign wasn’t a classic Halloween spooky edition. The brand decided not to go all scary and creepy but rather celebrate individuality and freedom of choice. The campaign included videos of people celebrating Halloween around the world in their own way. Videos featuring  a Carnival dancer in Brazil and a Pantsula dancer from South Africa send the message that differences are valued and should be freely expressed and celebrated. Watch on YouTube - link

Source: Marketing Communication News

6. Make it Interactive to Keep them Hooked

Expert Comment:
Having your audience participate in a  serialized story creation is a fun way to keep them engaged for weeks. Visitors helping you plot the story will keep returning to your social media to see what’s next.  
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Millie & Max Interactive Ghost Story By M&M's
In 2018, M&M's released a series of 30-second Halloween-themed videos on their social media to take their visitors on a virtual adventure. Each video of the series moved the story forward by asking the fans to vote in the comments to direct the story's action.  This M&M's Halloween campaign was undoubtedly a huge success that kept the brand’s social media insanely active for weeks. Follow the link to see what it looked like.

Source: Market Splash
Picture from mmschocolate's Instagram Account

7. Move Your Customers to Action with an Exciting Offer

Expert Comment:
Think of what your brand can offer to the customer to get them excited and ready to take action. Make your campaign as appealing as possible by incorporating storytelling techniques. 
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: #ScaryClownNight By Burger King
Burger King’s 2017 Halloween campaign built the buzz both on the internet and beyond. On their social media channels, they created a spooky post that came with a teaser video. The video was an invitation to their scary clown night event, where they offered a free Whopper to the first 500 people who’d come to their local branch dressed as a clown. Burger King’s Halloween campaign was a huge success that created excitement among its customers and persuaded them to take action.

Burger King
Source: Market Splash
Picture from Burger King's Instagram Account

8. Harness the Power of Humor to Create Memorable Marketing Campaigns

Expert Comment:
Inject some humor into your Halloween marketing campaigns to make them light-hearted and funny.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

8 Reese’s Ironic Commercials
A popular trick-or-treat candy, Reese’s is always on top with their Halloween marketing. The brand’s Halloween commercials are both funny, ironic, and spooky at the same time. But there’s more to Reese’s Halloween campaigns. Reese’s has made itself one of the top brands associated with Halloween celebrations. They claim the title of the “Official Pumpkins of Halloween”, yet do it in a light-hearted, fun, and non-pretentious way.

Source: Outbrain
Source: Candy Industry
Picture from Adweek

9. Market with Suspense to Create a Buzz About Your Next Big Thing

Expert Comment:
If you have had a successful product launch that excited interest among your audience, use that to your advantage! Pique the curiosity of your audiences by building anticipation for your next launch.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Fortnite Using Suspense to Prolong Excitement
In 2017, Fortnite released the Skull Trooper “skin” for Halloween. When the game became insanely popular, Fortnite marketers started creating hype around the Skull Trooper as they had previously spotted its popularity among gamers. They made use of the excitement around the outfit for their further Halloween campaigns for a couple of years.

Source: Pro Game Guides

10. Come up with a Personalized Halloween Offering  

Expert Comment:
Aim to design relevant experiences for your target audience to build strong long-term relationships with them.
By Maria Harutyunyan, LinkedIn

Inspiration: Netflix and Chills
Everyone has heard of the common “Netflix and chill” slang term. Well, each Halloween Netflix capitalizes on the phrase (Netflix and Chills, pun intended!) to present their spooky Halloween offerings to the subscribers. They create an infographic of the best spooky films (the list is constantly updated with new releases) and share it on their social media channels to help viewers decide what shows to watch for Halloween. Subscribers are also encouraged to take a quiz for more personalized movie suggestions. Over the years, Netflix’s #NetflixandChills hashtag has been used in more than 9000 Instagram posts and has generated an insane amount of views on TikTok.

Netflix and Chills
Source: Netflix

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